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Christina is classically trained in Piano, Violin, and Composition, all at the highest level (RCM's ARCT). She has had years of experience writing music for orchestras and smaller ensembles, as well as music for commercials, film, and games. She has played within orchestras and also as a soloist, performing in many of Toronto's best concert halls.

My vocal range is E3-G5 (tenor/mezzo soprano), and its sound can be described as low and very mature-sounding, with a mid to high belt. A cross between Idina Menzel and Susan Egan, as I've been told!
I will sing any theatre, jazz, classical, or adult pop song. My voice does not suit the typical top 40 style, or other more modern genres like electronica.

I have had experience as a session Violinist, as well as experience playing solo and quartet gigs for wedding ceremonies. Take a look at my soundcloud and have a listen to my excerpt of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D!

I have also played many piano gigs, both jazz and classical, for corporate events and weddings too.
I'm also very competent at improvising on both instruments, which leads me to the next thing...

I write music for film, commercials, video games, and theatre productions. My typical style is orchestra-heavy, very soundtrack-like. However, I can also compose in a range of other styles, including world, medieval, 8-bit, and jazz.
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