FREE MIXING! My name is Axel and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm fairly young and have never mixed for anything else than a hobby! Therefore I'm looking for experience. I don't charge anything. Instead, I wan't to mix your music to help you out, and also to build a résumé.

As I wrote in my introduction, I'm fairly young (eighteen), but despite that I've been recording and creating music in a DAW for six years! That is, regardless of age, a long time, and I've learnt a lot! I know there's people out there that want someone to mix their music, but most mixing engineers cost a lot of money to hire. Luckily, I gladly will mix your music, free of charge! I don't look for money, I look for experience so I can 1) become better, and 2) build a résumé. So if you or your band have recorded one or several songs but don't really have the budget to hire a hire a mixing engineer, Axel N is the perfect choice for you!
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