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Editing, Mixing, Production

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With early mentoring from Bob Cubitt (Audio Engineer, The Vogues), a strong sense of vocal production is obvious in my mix. I specialize in fabulous indie rock n roll with a lot of experience in the singer/songwriter genre as well. A perfectionist at heart, I use high-end equipment to make everything sound as radio-ready as possible!

What I Do:

Editing - Timing Correction, Pitch Correction, Gain Automation, Audio Cleaning, Noise Reduction, Frequency Taming

Mixing - Volume Balancing, Frequency Balancing, Add Space, Depth, and Dimension, Audio Enhancement

Production - Adding tasteful effects to enhance the vibe of a song, Making arrangement decisions to add emotional impact


- I have always been deeply engrained in the rock n roll scene. My wheelhouse is mid centric indie rock, brit pop, alt rock, pop rock.

- Music is supposed to make you feel something. I am good at targeting that feeling and trying to accent it with production. I want the listener to feel a certain way when they hear it.

- Vocals, vocals, vocals. The human ear is naturally drawn to the voice thus making it so important to get right. This will make a good track, GREAT.

My Background:

I was trained by professional sound engineer Bob Cubitt (The Vogues). He taught on the fly and in live settings. It was a very sink or swim atmosphere and with a crowd in front of you and a band on stage it left little room for error. I soaked in everything I could and deeply cherish my time in that environment.

I went on to further my knowledge through real life applications for many years until seeking out professional training in more modern production. This blend makes me well rounded in production skills.

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SeanAtomic - Revolution

I was the Artist and Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Editing, Vocal Comping, Vocal Tuning, and Time Alignment - 2 Revisions
Mixing, Songwriting - 3 Revisions
Timing flexible based on service needed. 1-7 Days, Typically.

GenresSounds Like
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Cage The Elephant
  • Shakey Graves
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