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Our studio is cozy , but is one of the best designed and one of the most experienced recording studios in Europe.We have over 30 years of experience in rock, pop hip,classic.(We are prepared for ANY kind of recording including multitrack recording of concerts up to 96 tracks at once, anywhere in Europe – thanks to our mobile installation for live.

We do recordings for musicians -our customers for over 30 years- after such long time day by day, week after week we may say we fill well in IN ALL music styles. From pop to rock, from rock to metal, from classical to jazz. No matter what kind of music . Simply we like music very much , so we are opened for all styles but mostly rock/pop/metal/classical/techno/ethno.

In our studio you will find the best human services plus fantastic electronic recording gear including the console fitted with 82 preamps, most of famous NEVE Ruper design.

The most complex recording staff in Warsaw-Poland.(14 km of audio wiring in a control room.)
All mixing process can be done ONLY on ANALOGUE way with using of analogue mastering tape(AMpex Grand Master 499 Gold, Quantegy GP9 etc 15 IPS) for the best mastering needs. digital way we have also (pro tools, cubase etc) but we leave it for budget and amateur situations, For professional way of recording&mixing we prefer true analogue way- as the best one in sound meaning.For mixing we use 128 ch true analogue automation and lots of the best outboards. Plugins(hundreds of most popular ) we use only ocasionally if we really need. We prefer real gear much better in sound (soft and nice) from Lexicon to Drawmer, dbx, Neve,YamahaNeumann,Focusrite,Pultec,B&K,AKG

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we are in Europe, in Warsaw. very easy acces from the airport.

Gear Highlights
  • from Lexicon to Drawmer
  • dbx
  • Neve
  • YamahaNeumann
  • Focusrite
  • Pultec
  • B&K
  • AKG
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