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My style is your style. Let's bring out your authenticity.

I'm a producer, sound egineer, composer, pro singer and drummer based in Rome (Italy) where i own my recording studio, called kuTso Noise Home.
i'm specialized in working with artists to create easylistening structures for singles, discussing with them about the right "dress" for their songs, listening to references and then working hard, recording real instruments and/or creating electro beats. If needed, I take care of the whole creative and productive process from pre-production, to recording, mixing and mastering with high-end machines.
check my production playlist "prodz" on my spotify profile ( kuTso), where you can find some productions i recently worked on.

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14 Reviews

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  1. Review by Syndel
    by Syndel

    Collaborating with Matteo on my dark pop EP proved to be a truly enthralling experience akin to quantum entanglement. With unwavering dedication and a keen focus on sound research, Matteo demonstrated his professionalism. Throughout the creative journey, he remained adaptable, seamlessly transforming his approach to align with my stylistic requirements. The result was a collection of productions that not only met but exceeded my initial vision. Let's do it again!

  2. Review by Margò
    by Margò

    Matteo is a great producer, musician and a unique singer. Working with him was an extraordinary experience, he never stops creating. Open minded to all the music genres, he can really listen to the artists he's working with, giving them emotional advices and vocal coaching.
    He has a fool inventiveness, always finds a way to create different and original sounds!

  3. Review by La Noce

    Matteo is the leader of my favorite band Kutso, an extraordinary singer, musician and producer. Working with him is an experience that makes you grow artistically and as a person.

    La Noce

  4. Review by Lilith P.

    Kutso's meticulousness and passion are a guarantee of professionalism and style. Thanks Kutso and see you soon for new exciting songs!

  5. Review by UnFauno
    by UnFauno

    I had a great experience working with Matteo on my recordings! Not only he's a capable producer, but he also has great ideas to improve your songs based on his great experience and music culture. I strongly recommend his studio to everyone

  6. Review by Alessandro Aquilini
    by Alessandro Aquilini

    Matteo is not only a producer but also a great drummer, a great singer, a great coach and a fucking madman. I was born thanks to him and I will always be grateful to him. I would recommend it to the whole world.

  7. Review by clairedemilune
    by clairedemilune

    Va bene grazie, te la reinvio con una integrazione:

    Matteo Gabbianelli is not just a producer. I worked with him on my dreampop singles and on my first EP. He’s a perfectionist who loves what he does. He’s meticolous and attentive to the needs and the ideas of the clients.
    His wide knowledge of different musical generes allows him to be kaleidoscopic, accurate and creative.
    Passion and high competence are the strenghts that put him on a different level and make him a 360º professionist.

  8. Review by I Dei Degli Olimpo
    by I Dei Degli Olimpo

    We have collaborated with Matteo several times, He is an experienced producer and He is very professional. His ideas made our songs better, we are sure we will work with him again!

  9. Review by Galil3o
    by Galil3o

    I recently worked with Matteo and he’s so professional. He’s a great producer, always willing to share his experiences with you through his managerial advices. For sure, I’ll call him back to work together again.

  10. Review by Yvan
    by Yvan

    Great producer and artist. He helped me to have a clear vision of my songs. We made great stuff together

  11. Review by Andrea Stocchino
    by Andrea Stocchino

    Matteo is a great producer, I worked with him and together we made 2 album and 3 singles.
    Very professional, expert and awesome!

    Now we're writing a new album and he has many ideas, the sound of this project is very good! I think that we'll work together again!

  12. Review by fra' Sorrentino
    by fra' Sorrentino

    Matteo Gabbianelli made the prodz and the beats of four songs for me, with efficiency and perseverance. He paid attention to every detail, starting from getting closer to me and understanding my own ideas for the songs. I recommend him because he always wants to make the best thing ever and support the artist whom follows. He also engineered, recorded voice tracks, mixed and mastered the songs.

  13. Review by Alessandro Santori for L'IRA DEL BACCANO
    by Alessandro Santori for L'IRA DEL BACCANO

    As producer of my band L'IRA DEL BACCANO i've worked 2 times in studio with Matteo. The conjunction between high level equipment,top notch technical skills and artistic sensibility left me both times 100% satisfied with the results. When you are both the musician and the producer of your own music you find yourself in a struggle between these two parts...then you need someone to trust and Matteo was the perfect choice. As residential recording studio in Rome i would highly recommend Kutso Noise Home and Matteo Gabbianelli no matter the genre of music you need to record.
    Alessandro Santori

  14. Review by Agatha Tristi
    by Agatha Tristi

    We met Matteo two years ago, when we were looking for a good recording studio in Rome: since then, he started to work with us as an artistic producer. We made 8 Alternative Hip Hop tracks together and Matteo brought all his experience as a musician and as a producer. He helped us bringing out the best of each song, both in arrangement and recording sessions.

Interview with kuTso

  1. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  2. A: I started producing music in 2003, especially hardcore punk and rock. but i've always written my own poprock songs too. I equally kept producing artists and writing songs untill 2015, when my carrer as a singer and composer was boosted by my attendance to the most famous Festival in Italy called Festival di Sanremo, where i had a great mediatic exposure with my band "kuTso", so i slowed down in studio for three years due to the tours and the commitments. Actually I've never really stopped my producing activity, but i started working hard in studio again since 2018, producing tens of young italian indie artists.

  3. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  4. A: Music is always music

  5. Q: How would you describe your style?

  6. A: My style is your style. i always try to bring out artist's authenticity.

  7. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  8. A: Pop, indie, rock, hip hop, synth pop, electro, funk, metal, etc.

  9. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  10. A: i always try to understand what the artist would like to "say" in a song, helping him/her to say it right.

  11. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  12. A: regardless of the genre, i try to eliminate any weakness from the song, leading the listener straight to the point without boring him/her.

  13. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  14. A: Workstation: Protools ultimate (2018) Cubase pro 11 Wavelab 10 Fabfilter plugins Kontact synths Avid hdx and hd native Pc windows 10 (i9 10900kf - 64 gb ram) Mac pro 6.1 (2013) six cores AD/DA converters: Ada 8xr prismsound (16 in/ 16 out) Avid hd omni x 2 Mastering AD/DA converters: Prism sound ad 124 Summing: dangerous 2 bus (16in) Control room dangerous monitor st Monitors: Atc scm25 A Genelec 1032 A + sub 7071 A Headphones: Sony 7510 (1) Beyerdynamic dt 770 Pro (5) Preamplifiers: Ams Neve 1073 Classic (2) SSL superanalogue 9000k (2) SSL E signature channel 4000E (1) Millennia monitor stt1 (1) Api 3124 (4 channels preamp) Manley dual mono pre Avid hd omni pre (2) (Lunchbox api with) Api 512 (3) Shadow Hills pre (2) Equalizers: Manley massive passive (step knobs) Maselec Mea2 Api 5500 Compressors: Maselec Mla4 (multibanda) stereo comp Manley Variable Mu stereo comp Api 2500 stereo comp Distressor (2) Urei 1178 stereo comp Drawmer Ts2 stereo comp Limiter Pendulum pl-2 Microfones: Neuman u87 (3) Neumann u67 (1) Neumann km184 (2) Neumann u69 stereo mic (1) Schoeps mk4 vintage with dedicated pre (2) Schoeps mstc 64 stereo mic (1) Sennheiser md 441 (2) Sennheiser md 421 (5) Rca d77 ribbon (1) Coles 4038 ribbon (2) Golden age R1 tube active ribbon/valve (1) Akg d20 (1) Ribera R47 (1) Akg d12 (1) Akg d112 (1) Akg 414 xls (2) Electrovoice Re 20 (2) Audix d5 (1) Audix d6 (1) Shure sm57 (8) Shure beta56 (4) Shure beta52 (2) Bass amplifier: Bass 400+ (tube amp) Ampeg vst classic (tube amp) Aguilar db750 Bass Cabinet: Ampeg Svt 610 hlf Ats bs4x10 c Guitar amplifiers: Fender bassman silverface (1966 con circuitazione blackface) Orange rockerverb 100 Mesaboogie roadster Marshall jcm 800 Evh 5150 Guitar Cabinets: Brunetti 4x12 Randall signature 4x12 (greenback/v30) Evh 2x12 Drums Pearl reference pure custom Tama starclassic Guitars: Fender stratocaster american (1997) Gibson lespaul custom (1976) Acustica Gibson (Dove jumbo) Keyboards: Nord Stage 2

  15. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  16. A: I'm a producer, composer, pro singer and drummer based in Rome (Italy) where i own my recording studio, kuTso Noise Home. i'm specialized in working with artists to create easylistening structures for singles, discussing with them about the right "dress" for the right song, listening to references and then starting the production, recording real instruments and/or creating electro beats. If needed, I take care of the whole creative and productive process from pre-production, to recording, mixing and mastering with high-end machines.

"Dietro Le Spalle" by ClaireDemilune

I was the Producer, mixing and mastering egineer in this production

Terms Of Service

three revisions per work

Gear Highlights
  • Protools 2018
  • cubase 11
  • wavelab 10
  • fabfilter plug ins
  • analogue machines (neve
  • manely
  • maselec
  • etc.)
  • for a complete list
  • read my interview.
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