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My one goal is to make sure you are 110% stoked on what we create together! I have had years of experience getting to work in multiple genres (Pop, EDM, Indie, Rock, Singer-Songwriter) My work has been on: Trap Nation (2 mil), Magic Records (550k), CloudKid (250k) Etc..

I love getting to work along side talented artists with a unique story to tell!

I am always on the hunt for passionate artists with amazing songs. If you are an artist with a great song but just
don't know how to get it to the finish line then definitely drop me a line!

I am well versed in multiple genres and can deliver anything from just mixing/mastering to a full production from start to finish and everything in between.

I want to help you bring your art to life and I look forward to hearing from you!

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

16 Reviews

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  1. Review by Jake Dow
    by Jake Dow

    Dan is the man! It’s as simple as that, and the number of times I’ve worked with him it’s been nothing short of that! His ear for sound and production is on point every time, and I can’t wait to continue working with him in future projects!

  2. Review by James Collington
    by James Collington

    I’ve worked with Dan numerous times on numerous projects. Not coincidently, the projects with Dan are my most successful.

    More than success, Dan is a great guy and a hard worker. He holds the line for work ethic and quality. You’re paying him to do it right, not just do it better than you.

    My favorite is that he’s not the kind of guy who acts different once he’s paid. He’s in the trenches with you through and through. He’s sensitive to know when he needs to offer suggestions and add so many compliments to the process. He takes ownership of the project to make sure it’s seen through.

  3. Review by Elijah Griner
    by Elijah Griner

    Great communication, and always asked what I thought and was quick to make adjustments. One of the best engineers I’ve worked with!

  4. Review by Kaleb Skinner
    by Kaleb Skinner

    I’ve known Dan since high school, and it’s been an absolute pleasure being his friend and watching him work on and perfect his craft over the years, I’ve worked with him on music projects from silly music videos we did for high school projects to having him record/mix/master bands and projects I’ve been a part of. Dan knows how to facilitate a comfortable and encouraging environment that pulls the best out of any musician. If you need a song recorded, mixed, mastered, produced or anything in between, Dan’s your guy!

  5. Review by Salvatore Daniele
    by Salvatore Daniele

    Dan's work speaks for itself. He is dedicated to his craft and making your project the best it can be. My favorite part about working with Dan is his attention to detail when adding ear candy and production to my song to bring it to the next level. Super strong musician and song writer and always elevates the song he's working on

  6. Review by Gregory Winningham
    by Gregory Winningham

    Pop/Rock artist: If you need a HIT track produced, look no further. Dan is the man for the job .This guy makes masterworks of your songs, and transforms them to compete on the professional stage. He showcases exceptional producing skills with an ear tailored to what the client wants. His all-around easy going personality makes him one of the best producers I've ever worked with. I highly recommend Dan for your next project.

  7. Review by Steven Avelar De Oliveira
    by Steven Avelar De Oliveira

    By far the best person to work with! Very easy to communicate and creates a comfortable environment to allow the best translation from the artist to the final product! Has a great ear to push your sound to the next level and maintain authenticity. My go to any single time I need to have work done!

  8. Review by Jonathan Stephens
    by Jonathan Stephens

    Dan has a great work ethic, and always does quality mixing, mastering, and engineering! He's legit!

  9. Review by Isaiah Soucy
    by Isaiah Soucy

    Dan does incredible work and was really helpful and patient! Everything is that much better once he's worked on it! Highly recommended!

  10. Review by Chase McMorrow
    by Chase McMorrow

    If you’re looking for someone to make your sound stand out and be the best that it can be then look no further! His versatile musical knowledge and the comfortable atmosphere will really allow you to shine. Super friendly and extremely talented. Trust that Dan will knock it out of the park!

  11. Review by Alex Steele
    by Alex Steele

    Dan is one of the best dudes I've ever met. He's very patient, helpful, musically genius, and overall a phenomenal guy to work with. I could not recommend him enough. He'll make anyone and anything sound better.

  12. Review by Cody
    by Cody

    Recording with Dan was by far my most favorite recording sessions I have ever done. The wizardry in his finger tips as well as his pitch perfect ears and all knowledge of music production is everything you need in a recording space. 10/10

  13. Review by Sarah Keyser
    by Sarah Keyser

    Dan is one of the best producers I’ve worked with. He is very fast and precise at what he does for clients and he’s an all around great guy. I highly recommend working with him!

  14. Review by Matthew
    by Matthew

    Dan always brings top notch quality and production to all his projects! Very happy with his services!

  15. Review by Adam
    by Adam

    Dan is awesome! He's great to work with, and he's skilled at so many things. He makes the entire process easier and helps you get an incredible end result.

  16. Review by Mitchel Dae

    There are very few people that I chose to work with outside of Dan. He is a "one stop shop" for making INCREDIBLE music. Dan does it all. He's a gifted musician, a powerfully creative producer, and an attentively detailed mixing/ mastering engineer! If you want the peace of mind knowing that your project is going to turn out AMAZING every time, hire Dan!!!

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