Recording Studio


This secret gem of a recording studio is located in a discreet place where artists can record their music in a quiet and calm environment surrounded by high-tech equipment and a sleek design. It's one of best studio in Paris with SSL 4000 , Reverb... Major international and french artists have recorded here such as : Skrillex, Big Sean, Wati B ​

The studio is centrally located in Paris and easily accessible.

The studio Alain Désirée is perfect for group and solo artists and can also accomodated their staff.
The studio is designed in a manner which allowed artists including their staff to record their music without being disturbed by other recording sessions which are running in parallel or anyone els .

Our studio has everything you need (and you can see for yourself in the photos below) : :

- 1 main control room with a SSL4000 machine which combines both cool “vintage” and latest technologies for all engineers, artists and A&R and can satisfy all demands

- 2 recording booths :
1 bright , comfortable, spacious studio space with great acoustics which is suitable for any voice recordings and also perfect for recording orchestras and live choral groups.
1 smaller studio space which also has just as good acoustics as the bigger studio room. This space is perfect for voice recordings and producing
- 2 calm relaxing lounges are also available for you use including to have any private meetings
- 1 Bar

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Gear Highlights
  • SL 4000
  • Lavry blue
  • Apogee
  • Digidesign
  • 2xua1176
  • 2xdistressor EL8X
  • Gates Sa 39
  • Arsenal Audio R24
  • Tc Electronic m6000
  • Lexicon pcm91
  • Plate EMT 262 ANALOGIQUE
  • Adam a4a
  • Yamaha ns10​
  • Ua 2-610
  • Avalon
  • Brauner vm1
  • Neuman u87
  • Protools HD
  • Logic..
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