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It's an old instrument that Caucasians used and still use until this very day that I have been using for the past seven years as well , it's a percussion instrument with different two sided materials plastic and real deer skin .

I play an old instrument with different styles and speeds , i can do the Georgian , Azerbaijanian , Armenian , Arabic , and Circassian style .. using only my hands , since it's a drum like instrument with different real deer skin side and the plastic side .. I've been doing this for the past six years and i love it , it actually make me feel strees-free .. in my point of view it takes me to another world especially when I'm playing my favourite music .. I've participated in more than 30 weddings with a friend of mine who plays the accordion i used to play it in folklore practices .. hoping to reach my tunes to many people .

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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I can give you a type of percussion music that you may have never heard before knowing that it will be a hit to your music especially if a klarnet or an accordion was the main instrument..