We are a songwriting duo based out of Los Angeles, CA. We are full time writers with a recording setup for fast, reliable demo work. We are proficient in both Logic X & Pro Tools, Logic is our preferred DAW, but we can use both interchangeably if needed. We are seasoned songwriters, as well as, vocal producers and arrangers. Turn around is quick.

We are offering fast and reliable male demos, at affordable prices. All commissioned work will be recorded and mixed within a day or two (depending on demand). If it takes longer, we will notify you with an ETA, as well as an explanation. We are open to revisions, but ask that it pertain to the job at hand. In example, if the job entails solely demo recording, please let the revision only pertain to the execution of the record.

We are also offering our skills as songwriters as well. If you have a record that you need lyrics to, or if you're stuck on a particular part of the song and need top-line melody to; we've got you covered. We are open to collaborating, so that your record comes out as you envisioned it or better.

Finally, we are offering our skills as vocal producers. If you have any song, hook, or melody ideas that you need to "fill up" with background vocals to bring out its potential; look no further. We will take our time to make sure the record sounds as industry ready as possible.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

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  • The Risk

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