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I am an Israeli Independent musician, born in 1980, Israel. At age 15 I have studied Theater but when I grew older and was finally done with my 2 year "volunteer" to IDF (the Israeli army) I shifted to music and went to study song-writing and composing at Rimon School of Israel.

My Skills for sale: Singing || Vocals arrangement || Acoustic guitar || Rhythm harmonica || glockenspiel || Shakers || Translations to Hebrew (songs, websites, articles atcetera).

Other then that I have published 4 studio albums of my music and performed in both folk festivals & small/street venues around the country. since 2013 I have been living in Sderot city, which is on the Gaza strip and therefore considered a WAR zone. In the last 3 years I have met people who are involved in music, Art, education, Social work etc. Together we have established a culture cooperative in which I have established a Music project that brings the world music written by people living in war-zones. Today I assemble a wide group of local musicians and artists and we are this projects crew. The work is unbelievably interesting, fulfilling and enriching and I love my life.

Today I have a cool Music room/shelter/studio and I am free to invent songs and develop musical-social-spoken-word Ideas, whenever I wish.

Beside this, I work with young disabled people and support them through the choices they have to make as fresh independent creatures.


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Tamar Capsouto - Take a Lake

I was the Joseph E-Shine in this production

Terms Of Service

You aproach me by E-mail, through soundbetter.com, with whatever you wish of me, Then I react. If I like the spirit of the job we continue and agree on the terms by E-mail and start running together.

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