Hi, I specialise in electronic music, have a mainly analogue studio but record on Logic. Love old hardware. Love analogue sound. But the rule is Forget the Hype, Listen. To your ears, then go with, trust your intuition. And check, always, on other speakers, reference.

Remixing, playing with sounds, making new sounds out of recorded audio. Have a good Analogue/Digital studio, some old stuff/synths/fx and am also v good at audio editing. Love the mix between old an new, constantly comparing the sonic sound of analogue an digital. Verdict? Analogue sounds better, more definition especially on the top end. Digital is great for editing/sound manipulation. Bit of both is the answer but gold standard is Always Trust Your Ears.

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • GS300 desk
  • K2000
  • Old analogue Delay Unit
  • SH1000
  • Quadraverb
  • Motif
  • Loads analogue gear
  • Dat machine
  • Adat

Genres I specialize in

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