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Grew up feeding off of and studying all genres (including classical) and today i write in a variety of styles from idiosyncratic to main-stream style of songs which led me to have concerts of thousands of people attending, to opening up for Emeli Sandé.

I passionately do it all, i "stick" my nose in every field when it comes to music.
from writing the top line to lyrics to production to mixing.
I come from a musical family background, so it's all i've known and all i do!
I graduated in classical music studies, where i found that it deepened my understanding on how a song works and how it should be written and composed and i'm so happy to find out about and start publicly sharing my skills now also in english with you all!
i believe theres never too many good songs out there!
Let's change the world one song at a time.

In the track-sample section you'll find one song that i wrote, co-produced but if you're interested to hear more, head over to my spotify or youtube under my name, Alban Ramosaj.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


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  • German

6 Reviews

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  1. Review by Bram Fidder
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    Phenomenal being on board with Alban. His music is infused with excitement and he brings in top notch energy!

  2. Review by Camilo Silva F Mastering
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    Alban is the perfect definition of a "dream client" !! Firstly, he's such a nice guy. Secondly, he communicates in such a prompt and clear way, which I do enjoy. And last but not least: His mixing skills are top-tier, making my job incredibly enjoyable! This track was mixed in such a beautiful way that my choices were mostly about enhancing an already gorgeous mix rather than doing the usual corrective stuff you have to do in Mastering.


  3. Review by Fred Miller
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    This was my first time I so luckily got the chance to work with Alban. There is only good things to mentioned. #Happyengineer

  4. Review by Camilo Silva F Mastering
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    Lovely track! Beautifully mixed by Alban. Great, prompt communication made this a fantastic gig.

    Thank you, Alban!

  5. Review by Camilo Silva F Mastering
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    What a nice guy and what a great tune! Mastering it was a pleasure! Had a great time working with Alban. 5/5 !!!

  6. Review by Nio
    by Nio

    Amazing super talented artist!

Get High by Alban Ramosaj (Ft. Beatrix Ramosaj)

I was the Singer, Writer, Co-Producer in this production

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