.:. I'm a craftsman, I make anything unique .:.
Young musical producer looking for innovation in every song of his clients, making each artist sound unique and different than the rest of the world. What we want to achieve is .:.Exclusivity.:. before copies of copies. My offer is only for the type of artist who wants to achieve stand out.

.:. Music Producer .:.
I can deal with this kind of people. But you can talk to me the same.
/ Indie Electronic / Chill / Acoustic / Hip Hop / Moombahton /

.:. Mixing & Mastering Engineer .:.
I don't mix for styles and genres, my kind of mix is an accumulation of years from me. I'm not going to make you sound like "heavy metal pop" I'm sorry.

.:. Sound Designer .:.
Yep, I also do sound design for video games, strange things that can not be done with only organic things, if they do not require a mixture between technology and idleness.
BTW --- "I know some beings from other planets who tell me how some things sound, also what I should do in some aspects of my life, but that is something else".
SCI-FI / Modern & Ancient Weapons / Creatures / Textures / Soundscape / Cinematic Trailers / and

.:. - Music Composer : Here I have help from a friend who studied music composition of someone who has a friend who studied music composition in "Berklee".

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