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I Love The Art Of Music It's My Second Heart Beat.

The Galactic Human Recently Known As Sir Saint Nick Was A Recent Convert Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) He Was Born With Polydactyly Genetics In Shreveport, Louisiana And Raised In Minden, LA. He Started His Passion And Art For Music At The Age Of 13. He Signed His First Contract With JAM Management In Shreveport,LA At The Age Of 17 As One Of The Members Of The Group Known As Y.B.C. In 2003, In 2007 After The Group Made A Hit Song Mass Mode They Did There First Official Video. And Made A Break Through With It And Gained Radio Air Play On KMJJ 99.7 FM, They Had Many Major Labels That Wanted To Sign The Group, Unfortunate They Split Apart And Went Their Separate Ways. Saint Nick Was The First The Leave The Group In 2008 After Dropping Out Of School He Lost Passion For Music And Ended Up Going To Jail For The Summer Of 2008. When He Got Released He Went The Shreveport Job Corp. To Get His GED And Welding Trade He Completed The Two Year Program Less Than A Year And Graduated Summer 2009, It Was One Of The Toughest Times For Him. Growing Up Without His Biological Parents He Had To Discover Who He Truly Was All On His Own. Giving Up Who He Thought He Was, He Took A Major Risk By Quitting His Job To Move To Austin, Texas In Late 2018 To Start Fresh, Which Lead Him To Have An Awakening Sir Saint Nick Changed His Alias To The Galactic Human.

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