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Songwriter, Singer, producer

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How do you make a song you wrote sound as good as one of your favorite songs? It is a number of small things that I can show you how to do! Country, jazz, latin, rock, pop, however you want to sound, I can get you there!

My skill set lies in the writing, recording and performing of your song. As a songwriter, I have written hundreds of songs, independent artist have written and recorded and perform my songs. I can give your song the lyric, music and vibe to make heads turn and have random people come up to you and say, “That song is amazing, who wrote that?” As a musician, I can put the RIGHT progression to anything, can play the song on guitar, piano, bass or sing it enough to make you cry or smile with joy. Need a hook? I write multiple hooks with ease and make it so they can overlap and all the listener knows is, “This sounds amazing!” Harmonies or back-ups? I do those too! As a producer, for those of you who do not need to spend $10,000 on a song, who want to have something to show others but don’t want to go off of the deep end, for those who want something to pitch to publishers or artists, I will record the song with you, to your satisfaction, so that you come away with something you’re proud of that makes people want to listen to you!

I can also translate your song from English to Spanish. If you have a song that you're covering and want Spanish lyrics or English lyrics, I can keep the same melody and progression as the original song while transitioning the language.

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