Vancouver Music mastering studio owned and operated by Brock McFarlane, We provide analog and digital Mastering services for CD, vinyl, digital and the Mastered for iTunes program.

Mastering is often seen as some sort of "black art", having no knowledge of the occult we can assure you it is not. Rather than magic, we opted to harness the power of science to develop and build our remarkably accurate listening environment, key to a great mastering studio. This along with trained ears and passion for what we do, we think you'll understand why lab coats are more appropriate attire than capes if you see us at work.
Our studio, often referred to as 'The Spaceship', has been extensively treated, creating a pristine listening environment and featuring an impeccable monitoring system. You can't fix something if you can't hear it, and our beautiful ATC SCM-100ASL monitors give us all the insight we need to make informed decisions.

The full potential of the tracks we work with is reached by using a thoughtful mix of both analog and digital gear. The highlights of our analog chain are the Knif Etip passive tube mastering equalizer and a Knif Vari-Mu II tube mastering compressor, both serial "numero uno" and hand built by the designer Jonte Knif. Other notable equipment on deck is the Crane Song STC-8, Millennia NSEQ-FF, Weiss DS1-MK3, Junger D-01. To take superior care of the conversion, we call on the dCS 954 (DAC) and 902 (ADC) and a Lynx Hilo.

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Reviews of CPS Mastering

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    Job was done on time. Smooth sound all around spectrum. Same level through all mastered tracks. We have no detailed experience - because job was done quick and without recalls, but I am sure that CPA Mastering is the right choice. Big thanks, Brock!

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