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1 Grammy (Best Latin Pop) & 3 Latin Grammy winner, 5 Gardel Awards for best engineered album & more. Mix Engineer Ariel Lavigna, is one of the most in-demand Mixers in Latin America. I love to mix, I simply invite you to listen to my work. If you like it, hit "Contact" button above so we can start to make great music together!

Ariel´s perspective and creative work have positioned him in the audio industry. His audio and music skills has helped a huge list of talents to craft their careers in the music business. Since 2002 his talent and hard work were acknowledged by a Grammy, 3 Latin Grammy´s, 5 Carlos Gardel Awards for Best engineered albums winning out of 8 nominations, and 6 Grafitti Awards in Uruguay with 3 albums of the popular rock band "La Triple Nelson".
He has worked on many studios around the world like Abbey Road, Metropolis, Sear Sound, Power Station, Estudios ION, The Bunker studios, El Pie Recording studios, Romaphonic, and many others, and he´s very confortable at his own mixing room "Nomade Mix" with his impressive hybrid set up and monitors. Also, he is a Focal Labs & UAD sponsored artist.
Equally confortable with a lot of different musical styles, like EDM, Trap, Reggaeton, Rock, Pop, World, Acoustic, Jazz.
Beside his impressive clients list, gold and platinum album sales, his love and passion for his work remains exactly as the first day, in every new mix.

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13 Reviews

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  1. Review by Eduardo del Aguila

    Ari, gran trayectoria!, gran ingeniero y un reciente buen amigo, 100% recomendable.

  2. Review by Guilo Villar

    Conocí a Ari Lavigna para mezclar mis primeras composiciones. A través de aquella experiencia entendí un principio básico y elemental para todo ser humano que hace música: La música no va separada del sonido... Todo esto es un gran fenómeno que es capaz de alterar el orden del tiempo, del espacio, e incluso de nuestros cuerpos. Y para que ese fenómeno suceda es indispensable la visión, el oído y la sensibilidad de un ingeniero como Ariel (quién más que un ingeniero, es un superhéroe del sonido). Agradeceré por siempre a Ari por abrirme las puertas de Nomade Mix y transformarme!

  3. Review by Carlos Mena

    Ari's energy in and outside of the studio is professional, friendly, calm and focused, this makes things easier in the moment of recording or producing. His knowledge of mixing and recording is vast. Just take a moment to listen to what Ari has done!

  4. Review by Juan Quiceno

    Excelente Ingeniero, excelente productor, excelente profesor, pero sobre todo excelente ser humano, lo que mejor sabe hacer, es hacer magia en Nomade Mix, o al frente del equipo que se le ponga al frente... Estamos trabajando en el nuevo album de ZionStereo en Colombia.

  5. Review by Pelu Romero

    hace 13 años trabajé por primera vez con Ariel en un disco que llegó a ser nominado a los Grammy Latino. en ese momento nos unió la casualidad. después nos volvimos a juntar para hacer varios discos más, pero ya por elección. un gran profesional, y más importante aún, una excelente persona. siempre es una alegría y una garantía de calidad.

  6. Review by Marcos Joubert

    Como productor musical tuve el privilegio que Ariel sea el ingeniero de mezcla en uno de mis trabajos, su profesionalismo sumó mucho a la producción la cual la dejó con excelente calidad, también es una persona sencilla y gran ser humano.

  7. Review by Nelson Foltz

    Ari is one of the finest engineers I've ever encountered. He is a consummate professional with incredible ears and flawless moves at the board. I had the great pleasure of working with him at The Bunker Studios in NYC last year and could not be happier with the work he did, absolutely brilliant all around from tracking to mastering, bravo Ari!

  8. Review by Carlos Franzetti

    Ariel Lavigna es uno de los mejores ingenieros de grabación con los que he tenido la suerte de trabajar en mi carrera musical.

  9. Review by Carlos Franzetti

    Ariel Lavigna es uno de los mejores ingenieros de grabación con los que he tenido la suerte de trabajar en mi carrera musical.

  10. Review by Martin V.

    Ari has an extraordinary vision about the music (Record and Mix) on several perspectives (sound, music and technical). Also, as a producer, he reach a top quality level, that is not common to see, great ideas focused on music, art and get your work to the next level. A truly audio professional.

  11. Review by Andres Mayo

    Qué decir del querido Ari que no se haya dicho ya. Es un maestro en lo profesional y un excepcional ser humano, alguien a quien conozco hace casi 15 años y con quien me da mucho placer compartir cada nuevo proyecto.

  12. Review by Martín Elizalde

    Makes any project studio recording sound as if you've been working at a professional studio. If you have the chance to actually record at a professional studio, then his mixes will simply blow up your mind.
    Great professionalism, flexibility and manners.
    Worked with him in four records.

  13. Review by Nicolas Shahbenderian

    No solo es un referente para todos los ingenieros de argentina sino tambien una exelente persona. Largas charlas en su estudio Nomade Mix intercambiando y nutriendonos de data. El profesionalismo y la perserverancia ante todo.

Interview with Ariel Lavigna

  1. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  2. A: I´d like to know your references, your likes, as well as artists and songs you love.

  3. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  4. A: I bring more than 28 years being a pro engineer/musician. I have shared the studio with some of the best and most popular musicians from different genres. I have been mixing, recording and producing music everyday of my life foe the most part of it! And I know how a song should sound!

  5. Q: What's your typical work process?

  6. A: My tipical work process is listening to the Refs several times to get the vibe. Then I start to feel what I can do and how I feel I can bring the track to the next level. I like to add my taste and skill to the track while keeping the artist original vision.

  7. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  8. A: I use an hybrid set up here at Nomade Mix, based on Pro Tools HDX and a Custom/Telefunken mixer. My outboard includes Manley Vari-Mu, Chandler Curve Bender, Purple Audio, Retro Sta-Level, Lexicon, Shadow Hills, Distressor, Universal Audio, Lynx converters, Focal Twin6 monitors, Api, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Kush Audio Clariphonic, Chandler Tone Control. Sponsored by Universal Audio & Focal Monitors.

  9. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  10. A: Many musicians to mention, but I grew up listening The Police and Sting, Beastie Boys, AC/DC, Metallica. Then I went into the studio and my head explode with so many talented artists that I worked with. From the production & mixing side I´ve inspired by Rick Rubin, Michael Brauer, Tom Elmhisrt, Mark Spike Stent, Andy Wallace among many others.

  11. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  12. A: Mixing, Mastering and Co-producing work. Many of my clients only wanted a mix and master at first, but then I also end up assiting them with additional production on their track to take it to the next level.

  13. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  14. A: Absolute satisfaction.

  15. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  16. A: Both. Because they´re tools.

  17. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  18. A: When mixing I listen to the song and with my first impression, I start to build around it. I want to bring out the emotion of the song and the performance.

  19. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  20. A: Mix & produce

  21. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  22. A: Music

  23. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  24. A: With any artist that moves me.

Mercedes Sosa/Residente/Cerati/Aznar

I was the Mixing Engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Nomade Mix has Pro Tools HDX
  • UAD Octo Custom card
  • SSL Sigma
  • Telefunken custom mixer
  • Manley Variable Mu
  • Purple
  • Sta-Level
  • Lexicon
  • Shadow Hills
  • Chandler Curve Bender
  • Distressor
  • Universal Audio
  • Lynx converters
  • Focal Twin6 monitors
  • Api
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