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Hello my name is Ravin Alexandre known by the name of Dj Charlan! I am Franco-Caribbean from Martinique and since I was little music has called me to me.

When I was 10, I started as a DJ for fun and it is since my high school years that I have been practicing in private parties and clubs. Then naturally the musical creation fascinated me and I made my weapons in my room in several home studios where I became a beatmaker. Urban music like dancehall, reggeaton, soca, zouk inspires me more but having a very strong musical culture as well as my ear, I am able to go further in several musical genres by surpassing myself in a spontaneous way in my creations.

It has been 15 years now that I have been working in a studio with a lot of French-speaking and English-speaking Caribbean artist in the urban musical genre, accumulating my experience as an engineer of his composer and producer.

My major strengths in music is my musical ear, my talent as a musician, I like to surpass myself and listen to you.

I will give you everything I know and work with you to get the sound you deserve on your track and I will always have that unique vibe that will make your track unique. It will be my pleasure to work with you.

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  • Cubase
  • Waves
  • Logic Pro X
  • FLStudio
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