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At TRUE SOUND MASTERING, we optimize the sound quality of your work in order to highlight it and to do justice to your vocal performance, your instrumental playing, your musicality, your sensitivity and your creativity, with a refined sound quality.

We offers you a customized and creative audio mastering.

Our mastering studio is built with carefully chosen specialized equipment of which we know how to make the most of. Our artistic sense combined with our expertise in the latest technologies ensure to bring your work at another level of quality, with a depth and a rich sound that will please your ears.

• Mastering CD / EP
• Mastering single radio
• Mastering by Stems, from tracks and/or separate groups
• Scanning, restoration and optimization of audio tapes: Vinyls, tapes, DAT, other audio archives
• E-Mastering
• Archiving and remastering of catalogs
• Encoding of Codes ISRC and CD-Text

Delivery formats :
• High-Resolution Audio files for digital distribution
• DDP Master (Yellowbook Master)
• MP3 (High quality for promotion)

Apple Digital Masters (Formerly MFiT)

Take advantage of our professional mastering studio combining the best carefully chosen analog and digital technologies.

The benefits and advantages of analog processing:
• Great musicality
• Lively and controlled dynamics with an incomparable organic texture
• «Glue» effect between musical elements
• Analog sound softness and roundness on the overall spectrum of frequencies.

By entrusting us with your works, you make sure to propel them to another level, for the pleasure of the ears of those who will listen to them.

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

15 Reviews - 1 Repeat Client

  1. Review by Max F.

    Louis has been great at listening to my wishes and feedback, and after a few iterations I received my perfect master :)

  2. Review by Peder L.

    As I am fairly new to producing, it has been great to work with Lois at Truesound mastering. To get some feedback along the way, has been important, to get the song sounding as good as possible. Will definitely recommend Truesound to others out there, and will ask for their services again in the near future :) :) :)

  3. Review by Jan F.

    Great mastering from truesound. He mastered a whole album for me, and sounded very very good. I tried many mastering engineers true the years, And so far Truesound has done a great great job.. Really great sound and highly skilled. Will definitely use again.

  4. Review by Jan F.

    another excellent mastering from truesound, recommended.

  5. Review by Jan F.

    Another great master track from Truesound, each track he send me sounds great. Recommended...

  6. Review by Jan F.

    Louis did another great job mastering my pianotrack, Second time using him for mastering, recommended.

  7. Review by Jan F.

    Truesound did a wery good job in mastering my piano song. So good I will send him rest of my album. Great job, im wery satisfied. Jan Ove Fjeld

  8. Review by Catherine Ego

    For the recording and mixing of our guitar and spoken voice CD “Miguel”, we wanted a real fusion of both audio sources that would nevertheless keep the lyrics as well as the music perfectly intelligible. Louis has amazingly exceeded our expectations! Both intuitive and meticulous, he has allowed us to reach the exact blend we wanted. Thanks to his technical expertise and musicality, Miguel Hernández’s poetry, Catherine Ego’s text interpretation and Arturo Parra’s rich guitar timbres came out strong and bright. Moreover, Louis is a wonderful person to work with!

  9. Review by Denis Ferland / Studio Le Hublot

    I’ve been working with Louis Morneau for over ten years. His talent and passion combined makes Louis a dedicated engineer, with an impressive attention for all details. He always listens to our needs and expectations for each projet, giving the artists a professional and excellent experience.

  10. Review by Roxanne Jean

    Louis Morneau is by far the best collaborator with whom I have worked! He is very professional, effective and rigorous.
    100% of my projects were a great success thanks to his excellent work. I have come to the conclusion that Louis is irreplaceable!

  11. Review by Gabriel Quenneville-Bélair

    The sound quality of the recording is really outstanding and what you managed to do is absolutely awesome. I showed the CD many musicians with fine ears and they unanimously said that the sound texture of the piano is exquisite. I would also like to thank you for your professionalism and your good mood. I really appreciated your sense of duty, especially the time when we had to stay in the studio until the early morning hours. It was very respectable of you!

  12. Review by Studio Sonaris

    Caroline Douret and myself have been doing business with Louis Morneau for many years for the mixing and the mastering of our music albums, whether it be for our band, Clara and the Sky, or for the customers of Studio Sonaris. Louis is an experienced professional, a good listener and he is trustworthy... with his bionic ears, he hears everything! Seriously, we are very satisfied with his services and we always have a lot of fun working with him. You are in good hands.

    Richard Lafleur
    Studio Sonaris

  13. Review by Cathie Bonnet

    To work with Louis Morneau is above all pleasure in the human relationship, never tainted by negativity even under pressure. An attentive ear to artists’ requests but also to production staff, a great capacity to adapt to changes and an openness to creation even outside the box.

  14. Review by kyra shaughnessy

    I only have good things to say about my collaborative experiences with Louis Morneau. He's a true master of his trade who brings passion, creativity and impeccable attention to detail to the table and approaches projects in both a sensitive and efficient way.

  15. Review by Alexis Martin

    Quick, human, accurate and honest. Very helpful on mixes in the process. Great guy too!

Bon Debarras - Nutshimit

I was the recording, mixing and mastering engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • CrookWood M3
  • Focal SM9
  • DAD 2402
  • Cube-Tech VPI’s Mastering
  • TC Electronic System 6000
  • Millennia NSEQ
  • SPL Passeq
  • Smart Research C2
  • Pendulum Audio PL-2
  • Summit Audio DCL-200
  • Tube-Tech SMC 2B
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    At TrueSound Mastering, we optimize the sound quality of your work in order to highlight it and to do justice to your vocal performance, your instrumental playing, your musicality, your sensitivity and your creativity.

    Got a project to be done ?
    Contact me to discuss about it!

    – Louis Morneau