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Hello everybody! My name is Alex, and I am a composer of songs, soundtracks, cinematic music. I am a professional pianist who has accumulated vast knowledge in the field of music theory, arrangement, instrumentation, improvisation, concert and theater work. Here you will see examples of my work. I invite to cooperation!

Having received an excellent education (oh, thanks to my patient teachers), having gone a long way as a concert performer on piano and accordion, I came to the point that music began to constantly sound inside me. Now I'm learning to shape it with audio sequencers. I like to work with the piano, string and symphony orchestra, in search of sounds I strive for live sound. I am writing arrangements, I am engaged in the orchestration of musical works. I am constantly looking for various musical forms, harmonious shades, melodic constructions, I feel a desire to work with theater, cinema, and other video productions - I am sure that my music is perfect for this.
I lack knowledge in mixing and mastering - everything has its time.
I am happy that by the age of 33 I have found myself and understood the path by which I want to move on. I intend to continue to share my work with the world.

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Alexey Yankoyt - Blinding Dawn

I was the wrote in this production

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