Professional vocalist, songwriter, and producer/engineer. With 10+ years of vocal experience and a strong, natural ear for melodies, I can leave you with a top notch vocal and lyrics/melodies for your next project.

Extremely focused and dedicated to what I do. I've had a big passion for creating since I was young and I genuinely enjoy it. I've released two projects as an independent solo artist with my start up company Grant Recordings and am continuing to release music, expand, and build a successful brand. The best person to hand over your creative projects to is someone who understands the passion, hard work, and level of quality needed to create something great. Let's have a chat and see how I can help you reach that.

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

My credits include

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

*50% of project to start.

*Vocal: 2-4 Days, Lyric/Top/Prod: 3-5 Days

*One free set of revisions $50 every additional

*Work for hire or split options. Any features require written permission.

Reviews of TONYB.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarless than a minute agoby

    Great Expericence with TONYB :) thank you for you work, and thank you soundbetter !

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 hour agoby

    Excellent artistry and professionalism. Very satisfied with the final product.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_20515 days agoby

    Tony is a professional artist.

    Always on time and extremely talented. On top of that, he is consistent and very patient.

    He takes the whole production to another level. One can easily hear how much passion and work he has put in his voice.

    Thank you for your help TONYB !

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 days agoby

    top notch as always

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 days agoby

    Great work in a fast time frame!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb__20170115_18291211 days agoby

    It's really been a pleasure working with TonyB and it continues to be, completed 5 songs now, good ear for music, great voice, super super talented....

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_tumblr_n2ytd1ifjz1t7xuqto1_128018 days agoby

    Super talented guy! Highly recommend working with him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar20 days agoby

    incredible, incredible vocals - good to communicate with, very pleased with results!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_zahirawebbanner_227 days agoby

    Tony did an excellent job and delivered high quality work with much care. He was very quick and professional. I would highly recommend working with him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar29 days agoby

    This guy is a godsent. Not only does he works fast but he works fast without compromising the quality I was looking for. I used him for my song production and the instrumental track which he engineered was absolutely mind blowing and he did it in just a couple of days and All I sent him were acapella voice notes.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_063130 days agoby

    Tony is a true professional with great sounding vocals. Finished early and no prob w files. Excellent!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Tony took time out to get the best results for my song. He was very through in his delivery and a great vocalist too

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_don_photo_3about 1 month agoby

    This is one talented dude with a velvety voice...good feel for style...A pleasure to work with..thanks Tony, Don

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Tony has an amazing voice and his technic is fantastic.
    I look forward to work again with that great talent !
    See you soon

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Great talent and easy to work with highly recommended!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Tony is a very professional and talented artist....thanks....!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_untitled_01about 1 month agoby

    Great to work with!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Did a great job for such a short period of time.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_169915_4431883088298_967903229_oabout 1 month agoby

    Amazing profissional, amazing creativity and voice! Strongly recomend.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Excellent job and easy to work with. Thanks

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar2 months agoby

    Tony is a great artist, fast and very efficient.
    It was a real pleasure to work with him.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_39163 months agoby

    Tony B is the real deal. Hire this man. Takes tracks to the next level.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_dth_good3 months agoby

    Tony is a pleasure to work with, I absolutely recommend him.

    His voice fits my project perfectly and communication was perfect.

    It's not easy to collaborate virtually through a service like this, but Tony is as good as it gets.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_jan23 months agoby

    I had a very good experience working with TONYB. Communication went smooth and in a pleasant way. The work was completed on time and exceeded expectations. I look forward to doing with him a project.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Big pleasure to work with such professional as Tony

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Job well done

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_moi_par_julian_miranda3 months agoby

    Tony is such a talented vocalist. And he respected the brief perfectly. I have loved working with him. I will definitely collaborate with him again.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Tony was a gem to work with and a true artist. He captured the vision and sound of what I was looking for beyond expectations. He is a great inspiration and very easy to work with.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Tony brought an emotion to my music like I haven't experienced before. A beautiful rich voice and a pleasure to work with.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Tony is timely and efficient

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Absolutely wonderful to work with! 100% recommend

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    very very talented!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_14079979_10202080564971931_3425124706350533093_n3 months agoby

    It's always a pleasure working with Tony B. The ideas I have are made reality when he's on the job.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_52854_168854789802428_3189423_o4 months agoby

    It's was an amazing experience to work with TONYB. Very professional!!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb__20170115_1829124 months agoby

    I cannot recommend Tony B enough. Great work, his quality is outstanding, couple of days and I had a song made. He brought the song to life. Already looking forward to working with Tony on the other projects I have.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    amazing vocal, couldn't be better!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Great voice! Definitely recommend him for your project :)

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_akshin4 months agoby

    It was a real pleasure working with Tony! In a short period of time he managed to deliver an outstanding material and proved to be a true professional. Highly recommended!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Great job!!!
    Tony is an amazing songwriters and singer. He's here to help you achieve your goal. Did not hesitate to make the changes required in a short period of time. Looking forward to working with him in the futur! If you choose Tony B you'll be in great hands!


  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Really enjoyed working with Tony on this one. Clear, concise communication and exceeded expectations with the final project. He also delivered it faster than the time he quoted me. Wold definitely work with Tony again!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Helped me immensely. I needed to match a very soulful female singers flare in a duet and Tony came through and worked wonders for me. Thank you.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Really enjoyed working with Tony. He was very professional from start to finish and I was very much pleased with the end result of how he interpreted my vision for the song. Would most definitely both recommend and work with him again!

    Thanks Tony!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Had a great experience working with Tony. A great voice and a pleasure to work with! Would be happy to work again with him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Tony is a very talented singer, will definitely work again with him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    great voice great singer

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Talented vocalist. Sings very appropriately for the type of material provided.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image215 months agoby

    Third time working with Tony and everything went amazing again!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_14138284775335 months agoby

    One of the best vocal tones on the site !!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Fantastic job!!!
    Tony is a godsend to songwriters who need their ideas taken to the next level. His incredible skills transformed my pop track into a great R&B song. Highly recommended!!!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_jt-avatar5 months agoby

    Tony is an exceptionally talented songwriter with a stunning voice. Easy to work with, he delivered beautifully recorded vocals on time, and also made one addition that I requested straight away with no fuss. A real pro, will definitely be working with him again. Thanks Tony!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Great and timely as always. Inciteful small changes help the song pop. Thanks.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_cvt5 months agoby

    I worked with Tony on an EDM track and he delivered just as I expected! Great results and his soulful vocal fills up the song like I hoped for. I'll work with him again for sure!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image5 months agoby

    What more can I say. Tony is an awesome vocalist and follows your directions to a T and really help bring out that professional sound you're looking for. Defiantly a highly recommendation for Tony!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Tony was great. Took direction well and I would recommend him to anyone that feels like working with a professional.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Tonyb was great to work with. He was very responsive and worked quickly and listened to what I wanted. I'm sure I will work with him in the future.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_11875051_413653368837534_2834113198801052246_o6 months agoby

    Tony is a talented singer and songwriter! It was a pleasure for me to work with him. Looking forward to making more music in the future. :)

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Tony, Tony, Tony,.

    The best vocalist i have worked so far.
    I sended him a vocal melody idea and he wrote original lyrics on top of that, 100% original work and very easy to work with.

    Very kind guy A+ !!

    He gave life to my song and when asked for revisions there was no problem at all, he made it even better.

    I can't say anything more !

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_20150507_1235166 months agoby

    Tony is very talented and humble. He did an amazing job on my songs and I look forward to work with him again soon! Thanks Tony!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Benefit of working with Tony on repeat projects: he needs very little direction. He'll learn what you need/like and deliver that!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_whispered_album_cover6 months agoby

    Exceptional work, wonderful voice. Tony has brought my lyrics to life. I'm definitely working with him again.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_13958071_277889472581144_5230584474877370856_o-26 months agoby

    I was looking for raw, sexy, and emotional for this song, and Tony Brown delivered. Check out the demo "You're So Good You're Bad" on soundcloud/charles-dermer. Tony was professional and responded promptly to my requests for changes. I plan to have him sing another of my songs.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Working with tony was a pleasure. He has an axcellent voice and finished the project ahead of schedule. Would Highly recommend him to others.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Great to work with Tony again he hit this one out of the park again ! THANKS !

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_twm6 months agoby

    Tony delivered quality vocals and did so in great time. Didn't have to wait long, didn't have to re-take the set, just clean professional work.

    It was a pleasure working with you man!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Excellent Vocalist and Producer!!!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Tony worked fast, sounded great and made the few revisions I asked for very quickly to meet a tight deadline.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_whispered_album_cover6 months agoby

    I love the music. Tony you did an exceptional job bringing my lyrics to life with your voice! Thank You so much!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    A great person to work with. Helped me immensely.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Amazing working with him as usual Tony is super understanding and has a great understanding of what you want.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    All you need to know about working with Tony is that if you have a vision, he'll help you get there. He's not done until you're happy!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Working with Tony was a pleasure. I like his style. He is a good writer and singer. Definitely work with him again!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_ibrahim_dia7 months agoby

    This is my second project with Tony B. He never ceases to amaze me. He's extremely humble and I'll use him over and over for my projects. First class all the way.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_10568815_10152429094427983_3101566763426757973_n7 months agoby

    Tony was great to work with and is an amazing talent! He did everything I was looking for and even more! Great communicator and very professional artist to work with. I look forward to working with Tony in the future.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    It was a pleasure to work with Tony. His feedback and turn around time was prompt and clear and his performance was exceptional. I was a bit nervous, but Tony made the whole process a very comfortable and familiar experience. I would definitely work with him in the future and strongly recommend him to others.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Tony has a wonderful voice and a unique and emotional style of delivering melodies and lyrics. His involvement in my project pushed it into the next level. Suddenly I had a valid track to pitch to my clients! I can't wait to work with him again!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Love working with Tony. He doesn't do anything halfway! Great communication, always offers to make the tweaks needed to get something to perfect and just a really nice guy! Oh, and read the dozens of other reviews about what an amazing singer he is. That talent + top notch professionalism = perfect collaborator!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Great experience and great product!!! Not only was Tony was very professional, he was engaged in the process , doing an outstanding job of communicating and listening to me as his client; Then delivered results with excellence. Will definitely be working with him again!!


  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_matttoon7 months agoby

    A pleasure to work with and super talented.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_rcv_logo7 months agoby

    great job , understanding and smart work

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Great to work with tony he was super professional and quick!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Great voice! Super professional!
    Would definitely work with him again!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Great guy,Super quality!
    Can't wait to work with him again

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Really impressed, Thank you Tony!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image_l_18.55.097 months agoby

    Smart and creative guy. Communication is key. Great voice and he adds color, energy and emotions to your song.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    I've worked with Tony on a number of projects. He's great at understanding exactly what I'm looking for and adapts accordingly!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    TONYB. is real professional! It was pleasure to work with him. Vocals delivered very fast and they are amazing! He has great voice range, so he can sing to many genres. I definitely suggest him!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar8 months agoby

    Tony absolutely nailed this track. Very prompt and clear in what he was doing. Talented singer and a solid doubt I'll be working with him again in the future.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image218 months agoby

    Amazing job again!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar8 months agoby

    Tony has a beautiful voice and he got the mood of my song spot on in the first go! Thorough professional - submits the work on time and understands the revisions (if any) without any difficulty. Totally recommend!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_0_retin28 months agoby

    Wonderful voice, it keeps me coming again for new productions

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_10287007_775667469144398_2697414027195546895_o8 months agoby

    Great working with Tony! He really nailed the song. Amazing voice! will work with him again for sure!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar8 months agoby

    Another great job!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_0_retin28 months agoby

    TONY has a really beautiful voice, would definitly work again with him !

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_jackiecinch8 months agoby

    I've got goosebumps all over me! He nailed it ! Tony B is 101 % professional

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_yamppier_profilo_ok8 months agoby

    Tony is very good Talent with amazing voice ! I hope in a other collaboration !

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_14079979_10202080564971931_3425124706350533093_n9 months agoby

    I really appreciate the time and effort from TonyB., he is amazing. I am satisfied with the outcome of the song and have gained a lot of respect for him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    We REALLY took Tony out of his comfort zone singing legit show tunes. But he was a trouper and delivered great tracks! Very warm and soulful, exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend him!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    We had a small turbulence, but Tony is a Pro singer and everything ended well. Thank you:)

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_andy_motion9 months agoby

    tremendous talent. Easy to work with and just listen to those smooth vocals!

  • Verified Review (Client)Listing_thumb_210853_10151171859210708_349368485_o9 months agoby

    An amazing songwriter and producer. Been fantastic to work with Tony on his record. Communication was spot on, was easy to get the mix done with this fine gentleman. A+!!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    Awesome as always. Tony knows what I need and delivers every time!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    TONYB is very talented and works fast! I will definitely work with him again.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_don_photo_39 months agoby

    Tony is outstanding and very talented. Quick turn around times. Has a great sense of what is required stylistically!! Will definitely look to you for future projects! Thanks Tony, Don

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    Tony recorded some slow romantic ballads for me and his performance exceeded my expectations! That's my favorite outcome of any job. He's also recorded a revision for me when I needed one, and handled the work professionally. Nice job Tony!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar10 months agoby

    Second time working with Tony ! On my opinion he's one of the most professional artist on this platform , in all senses , faster, talent , responsible ... Work with this guy for me is always a big pleasure !

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar10 months agoby

    The work was done on time and at a pro level. I'd highly recommend Tony.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_album_cover10 months agoby

    Great communication, great talent at an affordable price

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar10 months agoby

    talented songwriter and even better vocalist!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image2110 months agoby

    Did exactly what I was looking for

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar10 months agoby

    I've worked with Tony on several projects now and keep going back because of the consistent, high quality results!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar11 months agoby

    Another project well done by Tony B! Consistently reliable. Asked him to switch up a little bit on this one and sent a link to a song I was trying to capture the vocal style of. He nailed it!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_rdh_photo11 months agoby

    Tony is very dependable and professional. I would highly recommend any who is looking for a great finish product should work with Tony.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image11 months agoby

    I loved working with Tony B. He was really great, communicative and talented. Would happily work with him in the future and recommend him to anyone. He is a great musician, with awesome vocals and very professional.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_495a529511 months agoby

    Good rich voice! Operatively work! Works fast. Recommend!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar11 months agoby

    An amazing vocalist and an absolute professional...can't ask for more!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar11 months agoby

    Tony was great to work with, he understands your vision and is professional

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar11 months agoby

    Another A+ job by Tony B. He gets it done!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar11 months agoby

    Tony did a wonderful job and I would recommend him for any job that needs to be done. He is very professional and prompt. I am extremely thankful that I found Tony to complete a song that I wrote for my wife.

    Thank you Tony

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_111 months agoby

    Excellent! Easy to work with, great end result.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Excellent vocals delivered exactly to specification.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Tony B. is great!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Another A+ job by Tony. If you want something to sound a certain way, he'll always find a way to make it happen!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Very professional, quick turn around time and has a very gifted voice. I highly recommend working with Tony B

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_rcv_logo12 months agoby

    real professional , great voice

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    It was a pleasure working with Tony: his voice is outstanding and he did great providing me the kind of vocal I wanted. I definitely will work with him again!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_paul_wall12 months agoby

    Really enjoyed working with Tony on the vocal for a new track. Excellent interpretation of the brief, high quality delivery and a real pro throughout the process. Definitely hope to have an opportunity to work with Tony again.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Super Talented Vocalist. I asked him to step outside of his normal genres and he delivered perfectly. Very versatile and cannot wait to work with him again.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Tony can SING. I asked him to work on a fairly challenging assignment and he nailed it. The job required a fair amount of harmonies and backing vocals, and everything came back smooth and sounding sweet. It was evident Tony put in extra work to ensure a high quality result. His production skills meant I got a nice rough mix to work with. A+

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_sailingabout 1 year agoby

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Tony. He is a great musician, a great guy and very professional. Hopefully we'll work again soon!!!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Super talented vocalist. Easy to work with. Highly recommended.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Very talented and professional singer/songwriter with a unique sounding voice. Awesome and reliable work!!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_profileabout 1 year agoby

    TonyB has a great voice and vocal delivery skills. His communication was very professional at all times - and the end product sounded amazing. I will definitely be using his skills for future projects! TonyB offers a great product at a great price - with results delivered in a timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_stock-footage-floodlights-flash-lightsabout 1 year agoby

    Tony was really amazing to work with! The vocal delivery was on point and he gave me enough revisions to end up fully satisfied with the results. This guys has sooo much talent..!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Tony's ability is second to none...I can't get over the vocals he did for my track...they're just stunning. Gorgeous. Absolutely killed it. He's a true professional; look no further and hire him now.

    He will be a star one day.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_head_shot_brickabout 1 year agoby

    Talented vocalist. Professional, creative and a high quality delivery. Can't wait to work with him again.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_1about 1 year agoby

    Such a great experience to make cooperation with Tony! Great communication and the results were perfect as well. Highly recommended.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Tony is a great guy and a professionell musician. I love to work with him!!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Tony is a great guy and a professionell musician. I love to work with him!!!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_mtm_defabout 1 year agoby

    Tony have a unique voice in the online vocalists panorama.
    He's a gifted interpreter with a proactive actitude, this makes the whole production process very easy to handle.
    Highly recommended.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Awesome to work with!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_11692629_10153134378274440_5769356236812552562_nover 1 year agoby

    Awesome Job!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    He did very impressive lyrics for me, great man!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    A great voice, and very professional. Tony is as good as it gets.

  • Listing_thumb__20170115_18291214 days agoby

    Can't shout TonyB, praises enough, super talented, great singer and always on point...

  • Listing_thumb_petruzabout 1 month agoby

    very helpful person. Artist with great talent. thank you so much

  • Listing_thumb_klouis6 months agoby

    Very professional and fast working!
    Really glad of the final project.
    full support.

  • Default-avatar10 months agoby

    Keep giving Tony repeat work because he keeps giving me excellent tracks! Always willing to work with me as needed to tweak and dial in on a particular sound. Great experience.

  • Default-avatar12 months agoby

    I highly recommend this dude, Has everything you can ask for in a singer. I highly recommend you tony

    Thanks again

  • Listing_thumb_259823_10150263080332302_1698583_nabout 1 year agoby

    Tony B. was a really good experience to work with! Indeed, the vocal delivery was very fast & pro. Besides, he gave me revisions to end up fully satisfied with the final results. I will definitely be using his unique vibes for my future projects! Highly recommended+++! Thank you Tony!

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Damn, this guy is clean cut, and talented. For my first funded lyric production, what he gave me over my instrumental is fantastic. I'm not even sure if I need a revision, it's literally that good.

    Your welcome tony btw. :)

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    one of the Best singer and professional here , everything clean and on time , pleasure to work with this amazing talent ..

    thanks Tony

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Interview with TONYB.

Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?
My last project, 22 Days released August 2015. I explored a new, more mature sound and loved it. Treading new territory is always crucial for growth. I'm specifically proud of "24" which I released in April of 2015 from that project as a single. Definitely one of the best songs I had written up until that point in time.
What are you working on at the moment?
A few clients projects who need various vocals and writing. And personally, a project of mine slated for a June release.
Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?
The Songwriting Team. I worked with them on a track called "Faded Dreams (My Time)" and they're really good at what they do.
What's your 'promise' to your clients?
Quality work, great attitude, and great communication.
What do you like most about your job?
Just getting to do what I love. That's why I don't mind the long hours and hard work, because I love it.
What questions do you ask prospective clients?
How can I help? What are your goals/ideas for what you're working on? What kind of budget are you working with? How soon do you need the job done?
If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?
My guitar, my mic, a harmonica, my laptop, and audio interface.
What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?
I picked up a keyboard and started singing when I was 9, so going on 14 years. My career path used to be to be a chef. The same idea of creating something out of nothing, but I decided when I was 14 that I wanted to pursue music professionally and just started to find out as much out about the industry as I could. I'm still learning. I'm never done.
How would you describe your style?
Highly soul-influenced pop music.
Which artist would you like to work with and why?
Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. If I could get just an hour with them my life would be made.
Can you share one music production tip?
Never count anything out until you try it and listen to it back in context. Some of the best songs have come from things I never thought would work until I tried them.
What type of music do you usually work on?
I usualy write Pop music and R&B music. And many songs fusing the two.
What's your strongest skill?
I would say the vocals and the writing skills.
What do you bring to a song?
A calm, yet interesting voice to let whatever is being said be heard.
What's your typical work process?
Depending on the circumstances, I usually sit down with some kind of base for the song and start the idea or story and let it flow from there. I'll record an immediate scratch vocal as I'm writing so I don't forget anything haha. But it varies from song to song.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
I'm really inspired by musicians who aren't afraid to be themselves. Even if it's not the norm, they venture out and just do their thing. I love those types of artists. Also, I'm really inspired by musicians who are able to play multiple roles. I'm always impressed by any musician who can put their hands in the production, writing, and full performance of their music. Ryan Tedder, Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Adele to name some of the more well known artist.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
The most common seems to be vocals. Throughout my life people have told me they just naturally gravitate toward it and I'm more than grateful to posses the level of vocal ability that I do. I've definitely had to work at it throughout time though and I still continue to.