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Hey, what's up? My name is Diego and I'm your new mixing, mastering & remixing boyfriend. I've completed the Hyperbits Masterclass, Axtone Academy and Cosmic Academy for music production. I've been making music for 6 years and I have experience mixing dance tracks and rap beats.

What I'll Do For Mixing:

-Level balancing (you ever play a song at the club and it has no low end? LOL - I've been there)
-Stereo panning (you'd be surprised how much this changes the clarity of the mix when done correctly)
-Compression (dynamics taming)
-Multi-band compression (glue layers)
-EQ (polishing)
-FX (Reverb, delays, etc.)

What I'll Do For Mastering
-Polishing the mix with frequency and dynamic correction (multi-band compression, saturation etc.)
-Stereo widening a mix with MS Processing
-Maximizing the loudness of the final mix.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Lil Blu3 -ADG

I was the Mixing/Mastering Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Max 50 stems. All stems must be in WAV or AITF at -6db. 5 Revisions Max (anymore will delay your song delivery and it's subject to a $5 charge per added revision)

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