I'm passionate about mixing songs and vocals that POP. I've mixed vocals and songs for records on: Avex Music, Spinnin, Armada Music, High Contrast Recordings, Cloud 9 and more. I pride myself on seeing and finding the vision that the artist wants, not just imposing my ideas on each production. I can deliver a mixdown or a final master.

I've always been obsessed with making the human voice sound incredible. I can get you that polished sound on your vocals that cuts through, that sits in the mix, and that sounds great at any volume. The vocal is such a large part of whether a record sounds "believable" or not, and can make the difference between a big sounding record and just an average one. I have done just vocal mixing/topline mixing for numerous released dance/pop productions in which the beat was ready beforehand.

I feel the same way about the sub frequencies. I spend more time down there than many engineers, and I won't rest until the foundations of the mix are solid.

I've also done hundreds of artistic radio edits of longer tracks for many of the world's biggest DJs, including a former world's #1 DJs and a "who's who" of the global elite. For privacy reasons I can't show these names, but if you're into EDM, you know them all! ;)

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Yamaha NS10M
  • Auratone 5PSC
  • KRK 10 Sub

Genres I specialize in

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