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The best way to make a hit song, is to do it with people who have done it before. For over two decades, Plush Studios has been Orlando’s premier music studio. As the only recording studio in central Florida with diamond, platinum, gold and GRAMMY winning credits, Plush is where Orlando makes music that the world loves to listen to.

Founded 2007 by Aton Ben-Horin, now Global VP of A&R for Warner Music Group, Plush has become a launch pad for the careers of some of today’s most celebrated industry professionals. More than just a recording facility, Plush is a community built by & for creatives; a home base for the greatest engineers, songwriters, producers, artists, managers, A&Rs & label execs of our generation.

The studio has been in business for 20+ years, but some of the gear within its walls have a history that goes back further. The SSL recording console in the A-room originally belonged to Georgio Moroder, who is charged with pioneering EDM (dance music). On this console, Moroder mixed the music for films such as Scarface, Top Gun (including the hit single “Take My Breath Away”), Flash Dance, The Never Ending Story movies & Superman 2—the first Superman movie to have a score. The Augspurger speakers that are mounted in the walls of A-room were first housed in the A-room of Hit Factory NYC, where they were utilized in the making of classics like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”, Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life,” & Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” They are the same speakers used by John Lennon during his last recording session, which ended on the day he was taken from us. The role that Plush’s gear has played in the development of contemporary music would justify display in The Smithsonian

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