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Cross-genre mix engineer with nordic soundscapes and larger-than-life mixes. Check out my special offer: FREE mastering with every mix! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! You'll be presented with high quality files (24-bit .wav) as well as mp3 for all online streaming platforms and other. Vinyl mastering and Apple Digital Masters available on demand.

I've often seen a lot of good music being mixed by just doing a bit of EQ-ing, a touch of compression and adding some reverb here-and-there. They call it keeping it "natural" and "sounding warm", when in fact mixing music is about creating something extra - adding a whole new layer of atmosphere into it. It's the art of engineering.

Though there is nothing natural in manipulating audio, it opens up a whole new dimension to the music. The mix has to let the song really shine from its best perspective and usually sounding simple isn't about going easy on the mixing board. On the other hand, overengineering also could lead to a tiresome listening experience. That's why musical and easy-to-listen mixes are my main goal.

I've been working as an audio engineer for over ten years, starting from mixing live sound in small venues up to doing biggest musicals in Estonian National Opera. During past years I've co-established a local recording studio and consulted musicians and producers to help them reach the depths of great sound. I enjoy talking music, so you're welcome to contact me for more info.

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Tanel Ruben - Dreamer

I was the recording and mix engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

My turn-around time varies from 2-10 days. Mixes include two FREE revisions. Mixing doesn't include editing, tuning etc.

Gear Highlights
  • Audient I/O
  • Dynaudio Monitoring
  • Analog Summing.
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