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Composer, audio post engineer, sound designer, producer. I compose original creative material for use in various productions, production library music, composition post-scored to picture and creative sound design work for television, radio and corporate productions.

I'm a Freelance composer, sound designer, audio post engineer, producer, studio manager, gear geek. Some current clients include 5Alarm Music Library (composer and producer) Microsoft Production Studios, Windows Mobile, SoundRangers.com. I was the primary sound designer for all the Sounds Schemes/UI sounds for Windows 7. Schmooze king. Client wrangling. ProTools post production. Logic Certified. Audio Post production and mixing for a zillion corporate marketing and communications videos, VO recording editing, sound design for animation logos, etc. I make beepy noises :) I'm also currently on the Board of Governors for the Pacific NW Chapter of The Recording Acadameny, and on the P&E Wing committee.

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