I learnt from some of the greatest mixing and mastering engineers there are in our beloved world of gearslutz and real musicians.
never went to engineer school - always trusted my ear & picked up techniques from people i worked with.

I'm german and besides being a depressed and traumatized nation there is one thing we're undeniably good at: the engineering craft! put that into consideration.
For me music has always been about networking and trying to bring in as many different perspectives as possible and merge everything into ONE!
a wise man once said ONE+ ONE = ONE
and if you look at our earth from the universe that's exactly what you will see.
people i worked with and who helped me become what i am as a musician & engineer:
Manfred Faust ( rammstein, tokyo hotel ) , Busy ( seed, peter fox ) ,Robert Carranza ( Jack Johnsons, Beck, Marilyn Manson), Hpeh (jan delay, annet lousian ) ,
Chris Bellman ( bernie grundmann mastering) , Scott Hull ( masterdisc-NY) , Robert Babicz ,Karsten Böttcher( Boy), Florian Ihle and the list goes on..

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • PT 12 + plugins
  • Spendor-monitor-speakers + Rotel-Amp
  • hand crafted labs-preamps
  • API
  • Lexicon
  • Vertigo
  • avid
  • apple
  • neumann
  • yamaha ns 10
  • dynaudio
  • waves
  • massey
  • soundtoys
  • spectrasonics

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

revisions are free! the customer needs to be satisfied. we are all aiming for perfection and i feel like that can actually be a good thing if you're able to let go at one point ..

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