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Professionalism, experience and quality distinguish us from all other studios.For those who want to be certain of the result, our studio is the right choice.By trusting us, you will have the security of obtaining a highly professional product that you can present to anyone.Experience, quality, professionalism.We are the history of Italian Music.

Since 1971 the Titania Studies of Rome have been operating in the audiovisual sector.
Our company is specialized in audio recording: from music to dubbing to voice-overs. In 45 years of experience our halls have seen some of the greatest artists of Italian music pass, such as Riccardo Cocciante, Mia Martini, Franco Califano and many others. In our studios over the years there have been recorded records of light music, jazz and orchestra music. In the last 20 years the Titania studios have expanded the field of action by passing to the production of soundtracks, background music and television themes. We also dedicated ourselves to video production and post production, creating television formats, video editing and making short films.
We dealt with the creation of the original music of various programs including: "I start from here" daily program by Alda D'Eusanio on Rai Due for 4 years, "One morning" daily program on Rai Uno from 2007 to 2013 and of " Futura "weekly program on Rai Due," and the creation of music for "Cominciamo bene" daily on Rai Tre, "Sulla via di Damasco" daily on Radio Tre, "Sereno variabile" daily broadcast on Rai Due "Linea Verde" weekly on Rai Uno "Linea Blu" weekly on Rai One and many others.
In the current year we have created the music for

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