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"Guitarist since I was seven..."

My name is Daniele Paesano, and I'm a composer and music producer.

In 2018 I achieved the regional qualification of audio, video and lighting technician, honing my skills on music production with sound technicians Franco Patimo and Emanuele Carlucci.

I've been working with Cubase for several years, and recently I switched to Pro Tools.

I worked as a sound designer for some theatrical shows including "La Signorina Julie" by Marco Blanchi.

I worked as a sound engineer for the concerts and performances of the Marconi Theater during the 2018 "Marconi Teatro Festival".

I worked as a stage and room sound engineer for some services in Rome.

I worked as sound assistant for the TV2000 television broadcast "Quel che passa il convento".

I made the arrangements for my first solo album "Storie"

I made backing tracks on commission and Hip Hop beats for some rappers of the Roman underground scene.

I picked up the guitar when I was seven.

At the age of eleven I began my studies, and for five years I attended courses in electric guitar, composition and arrangement at the "Impronta Sonora" music school, studying with Alessandro Scialotti and Alessio Miraglia (Now working in Pxar Animation Studios in the music department).

Later I studied modern singing for three years, first at the "MusicaIncontro" school with Roberta Rossi, and later with Angela Bucci.

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