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I'm a closer in the LA underground music community. I help to finish the records, no matter the genre, no matter the amount of work that needs to be done.. I work on it until its done, if you let me.

I came up an independent in the scene that surrounded all the underground hip-hop meccas of Los Angeles (ie Low End Theory). I became a student of the game and all of its working parts by observing the local entrepreneurs, engineers, producers, and rappers. There is so much music passing through here and so few people willing to take on the task of bringing it to full light, that I became master at processing raw home studio recordings. I worked my way up from rapping and volunteering to mix/master for peers in 2010 to being a "go to" guy and now work closely with acclaimed indie LA labels and artists. People call me for nightmare projects that nobody else has the time to take on, to bring zest and something interesting to the content of the song, or to bring volume and clarity to their projects that rivals mainstream.

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