I began singing and writing jazz music at age 16 and then easily transitioned into R&B, soul and eventually into the pop world where I am now an accomplished songwriter, session vocalist and performer. Clients hire and re-hire me for my ability to adapt my voice to any genre, harmonize easily and blend with any vocal.

If you need someone to arrange and record background vocals, I can beautifully accent and compliment your lead vocal, stack and double (triple, and quadruple!) harmonies very quickly and accurately. I can lay down a lead vocal for your hot new pop, rock, hip hop or R&B track and I have the discipline to get it done right without rushing the creative process. I am humble and fair enough to take criticism and direction without getting offended.

I have worked on full albums from start to finish with ample time to work out parts, and I've also recorded in crunch time situations where tracks need to be pumped out by end of day, or sooner. I have a warm, clear tone (I don't like to make comparisons to other artists because I'd prefer you listen to my voice and make your decision based on what you hear).

I am extremely professional, however I do like to have fun in the studio. I don't take myself too seriously, I can laugh and enjoy myself while still getting the job done.

I look forward to helping you with your next project! Whatever that may be.

Kirsten Rea

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

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Terms of Service

Turn around time- typically 4-5 days, can work with clients needs. Up to 2 free revisions.

Reviews of Kirsten Rea

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_secretfriendlogo_bigcanvas_1500x1500about 4 hours agoby

    Kirsten is professional and a very talented singer. She finished my project in record time, and needed no redos, she nailed it the first time. It was a great pleasure working with her.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_148827 days agoby

    Kirsten has a wonderful and rich voice which works also perfectly for country-style oriented music. She is very responsive to dedicated wishes and delivers not only perfect tracks but also creative harmonies and assertive dubs. She's a clear recommendation and I hope to work with her again in the near future!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_ken_tiptonabout 1 month agoby

    Kristen is prompt and very professional. I'm looking forward to utilizing her talents in the future.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_kate_500about 1 month agoby

    Kristen not only has a beautiful voice, she is also fast, efficient and very friendly to work with. She put lots of energy and emotion into the vocals, and it's clear she really got the feeling of the song. Also she was right on pitch. I'm really looking forward to working with her again!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    It was a pleasure and a very good experience to work with Kirsten. Impressiv voice, professional work and very kind person. I will record again with Kirsten. Her expression and timbre fit very well to my music.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_rob_gault_promo2 months agoby

    Don't hesitate to work with Kirsten. She's nice, she works hard and she delivers really excellent vocals. You can't ask for more than that. I'll definitely work with Kirsten again, she's terrific and a total pro. Thanks Kirsten!! Rob

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar2 months agoby

    Kirsten was a delight to work with. She was professional, friendly and extremely accommodating with any musical needs I had for my song. In fact, she got her files to me much sooner than originally planned and went above and beyond. I would not hesitate to work with her again. Her voice suited my project perfectly and she really delivered! Thanks.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Kirsten is just musically brilliant - again and again! I'm always thrilled to hear the latest song she produces for my lyrics. Her vocals, music-writing and production are all top notch.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    There are people who are amazing musicians. And then, there are people who are nice. Kirsten fits perfectly in the intersection of both.
    Kirsten has one of the best voice textures. She'll turn your song into its best version and some more. Highly recommend her. Extremely professional and perennial with ideas.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_30783 months agoby

    It's the second job with Kirsten and She confirmed me her professionality and sensibility to my needs

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_aztec_temple_american4 months agoby

    Above and beyond what was requested, thanks for your additional creativity Kirsten!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_untitled_014 months agoby

    Very easy to work with. Thanks

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Kirsten did a phenomenal job on an impossibly quick turnaround. Her singing was world class. She was able to intuitively understand exactly what was needed to make the vocal line work. The recording quality was pristine, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Incredible work, thoroughly satisfied

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_20111023_dw_01__mg_86284 months agoby

    I'm very happy with the vocals i got from Kirsten. She is an amazing talent and very easy to work with. She communicates well and is very flexible. I gave her a very challenging track for a sync placement and she did an amazing job with it. Thank You Kirsten!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Kirsten did a great job on my track. Quick, professional service and accurate vocals. Would definitely recommend.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_profile_photo5 months agoby

    Purely awesome singer! Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Would easier book her again without thinking L)

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar5 months agoby

    Kirsten's music is brilliant like the stars in the sky! Her voice is as rich and pure as it gets!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Very talented, hire her!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Kirsten is immensely talented and creative. She always has innovative musical ideas that impress me again and again. For any story, any lyrics I give her, in any style, she can invent an amazing musical result.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_30786 months agoby

    Kirsten was an amazing singer, professional and helpful.
    The sound of his voice and the quality of the audio files are very good.
    thank you so much.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    I'm a returning customer, and nothing's really changed since my last review. Kirsten is still awesome!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Great singer, great work ethic...very pleased

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    It’s a pleasure to work with Kirsten. She’s very professional, creative and responsive. She has a great voice and knows how to use it. I wouldn't think twice about contacting her again.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Very Tricky song as it was a house style beat with a very complex arrangement. Music speak for not good. She took on the challenge beautifully.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar8 months agoby

    Kirsten has delivered fantastic results yet again! She can write great music to match any lyrics and capture their story, meaning and emotion. Kirsten is a real treasure - she is excellent in every musical project and I look forward to more.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_image8 months agoby

    I enjoyed working with Kirsten
    She worked very efficiently and
    Did a great job looking forward to working with Kirsten again

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    Kirsten always finds a way to amaze me with the great original music she makes. Her music writing and vocal performances capture all the right emotions for the lyrics I send her. This latest song is yet another example of Kirsten's fantastic talents.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar9 months agoby

    The lyric she provided was well crafted, with a real theme, and thoughtful words. This I definitely consider a professional job. Will definitely use again.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar10 months agoby

    I asked Kirsten for a fairytale love song for my lyrics and she delivered a truly uplifting performance with her exquisite voice and brilliant music writing. As always, her work is something I treasure.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar11 months agoby

    If I wrote "fantastic" or "magic" 100 times, it would only begin to describe Kirsten's immense talent with writing music and her vocals. She has totally absolutely wonderful music making ability, for any and all lyrics I send her.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Kirsten continues to delight, taking my lyrics and telling their story with her beautiful music and vocals. I look forward to each new song as a treasure.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Kirsten is very creative in producing new musical ideas, and can work in any style. She wrote music for my lyrics to perfectly express the intended sentiment - a sense of mystery and uncertainty - which was, at the same time, filled with hope and wonder. Looking forward to more work, confident that Kirsten's songs will always delight.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Kirsten's voice and melodies are absolutely smooth, enchanting and energetic all at once. She fused her musical talents with my lyrics to tell a compelling story in the form of a wonderful song. She is highly versatile and professional, and I look forward to working with her on multiple future projects.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Kirsten's music writing talents and her voice both have a magical quality, and these resound throughout the performance she delivered with the lyrics and their story. I look forward to more of that magic on our next project.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_nick-coulson-logo_whiteover 1 year agoby

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kirsten. She is an excellent singer & song writer. Very responsive and delivered everything on time.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_1755over 1 year agoby

    Working with Kirsten is one of the best experiences of my music career. She is a singer with a lot of talent. Her ideas are really great, she goes for all the challenges with all her creative power and always wins. If you´ll get a chance to work with Kirsten, just do it! And I´m looking forward for the next projects together!!!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_12743627_10154414100516729_1964434566376886394_nover 1 year agoby

    I'd highly recommend working with Kirsten. She has a beautiful voice and a real talent. She wrote meaningful and emotive lyrics, which fitted so well with the song.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    This is the second song I've worked with Kirsten on and her performance on it was dead on. She did exactly what the song needed including adding some perfect harmonies. I love how it came out and I love her voice. I can't thank her enough. I'm looking forward to working with her again. Thanks Kirsten!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    It was really great working with Kirsten. Her voice is amazing and she has great skills with harmonies and excellent ideas to take the song to the next level. I really enjoyed working with her and already have another song in the works with her now. I'm looking forward to even more. Thanks Kirsten!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_1755over 1 year agoby

    Kirsten is really great singer! She is mega-talented, detail oriented, very friendly and creative. Mega feeling. Absolutely professional and enthusiastic. I look forward to work with her again in the future!!!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_1over 1 year agoby

    It was really nice to work on my song with Kirsten. The communication was really quick - the quickest I´ve experienced working with other musicians - and she was really creative and professional about the vocals. So of course my recommendations :)

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_dsc00086over 1 year agoby

    Incredibly talented, easy to work with, and very professional! Kirtsten delivered an end product that I was very satisfied with, and I would definitely work with her again in the future!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_1755over 1 year agoby

    It was a great pleasure for me to work with Kirsten. She has an incredible voice, is very professional and extremely friendly. All her tracks were delivered in a fantastic quality and extremely quickly. I´ll be happy to work with her again!!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Kirsten delivered quickly and the result exceeded my expectations. Whenever I need more songs recorded, I will ask her again.

  • Listing_thumb_img_17559 months agoby

    Kirsten is an absolutely top musician. I worked with her more times together on the vocals of my album and it was really great!!! She has a lot of talent, really a lot. It was definitely one of the best experiences in my music carrier! She is very creative, extremely friendly and absolutely professional!!!

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    I recently hired Kirsten as a session vocalist for a country/pop project that I'm producing. She was punctual, professional, talented, and extremely friendly. The entire session was a breeze, and the results were fantastic! She has beautiful tone and amazing vocal ability. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.

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Interview with Kirsten Rea

What's your typical work process?
That depends on which process we're talking about :) With Songwriting I tend to come up with lyrics and melody first and then I move on to instrumentals. But, I do also write to other people's instrumentals. So I can come up with lyrics and melody based on what's been provided to me. In the studio when I'm recording background vocals, I like to have some time to get to know the song's message and emotion. It's important not to step on certain lead parts that are better off being solo. In a situation where I'm going to be recording bg's for an entire album I like to meet with the writer and producer, and go over each song to make sure I fully know the form. However, there are times when I've had to go in and record a song without ever hearing it and the backgrounds turn out amazing! Sometimes it's better to not think about it and just let it flow!
Tell us about your studio setup.
I don't have a home studio set up, however I do have access to a studio that I use on a regular basis. The software I use there is- Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, and Reason 6. The microphone I generally use is an AT2035. It's a controlled, quiet environment. A great place to get work done efficiently and without major distractions.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
My favourite artist is Robyn, she is probably one of my biggest inspirations. She writes and produces all of her own music. Her background vocals are extremely tight and perfectly compliment her lead vocal. I strive to create that type of music every day. Another inspiration as an all round musician and producer is a man named George Koller from Toronto, Canada. He writes and produces all sorts of different musical styles and is the most uplifting and positive person to be in the studio with. He brings out the best in me in the studio and creates the most beautiful arrangements. Couldn't ask for a better producer.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
Typically I am hired to sing lead vocals on a demo, or lead vocals on a track to be used for licensing purposes. Equally, I am hired to record the background vocals for those tracks, or to compliment another artist's vocals. I can arrange background vocals for an artist, unless there is a producer involved who has arranged them for the artist, and for me to learn. I also record hooks for hip hop artists and perform jingles for commercial use. Writing wise, I can help an artist with lyrical structure and write top line melodies and hooks to make the song more catchy and memorable for the listener.