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Remote Mixing, custom programs

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Ars Arcanum Productions is run by a graduate student in electro-acoustics specializing within production and composition of contemporary music. Up and coming and especially similar with new technologies and possibilities that are far from being traditional.

Ars Arcanum Productions offers all-around audio services but we are specialized in mixing and making custom audio programs (in either MaxMSP or Csound) ranging from stuff for live processing within classical music to small utilities for your studio or live rig. Other services include composition, recording, live sound and post-production. A specialty is also surround sound, binaural and ambisonics technology

Efficient, professional and last but not least friendly. It's all about the love for the music whether it's classical music, jazz, experimental music or a death metal record.

I have also many other mixed songs that I'm not necessarily allowed to post publically, just get in contact if you need any extra information.

I mostly use plug-ins by Flux, PSPAudio, IRCAM and Izotope

Preferred DAW: Reaper & Logic, but I can also have access to Pro Tools at a nearby studio.

Technical: Can work up to 192 kHz sampling rate on my gear, plug-ins work up to 384 kHz
Up to 16 channels for surround sound/multi-channel set-ups

Send me a note through the contact button above.

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