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I've working in music production, tv music and jingles for a long time and I want to get involved in your project to work my magic on the ideas you crafted with so much love and passion. My personal assets are a complete array of analog synthesizers, in-the-box and outboard stuff like preamps, compressors and equalizers. Get in touch now!

I started as a jazz piano musician at the age of 12, after a while I discovered how vast music genres and styles could be. Combining this features to my interest in audio processing I started producing and mixing my songs and others as well to guarantee the best result in every project I got involved.

My works include TV show and commercial adds, original music for video documentary and film, pop music production and keyboard session player.

One of my favorite labor is mimetizing the sounds from the songs you love, using the nice sound from synthesizers like the Moog SubPhatty for electronic bass, Access Virus TI2 for the most modern electronic sounds or the rich pad and chords from my original 1984, Roland Juno 106. There are other synths in this array like the NordLead 2x and the Modular Synth System I personally choose from brands like Dave Smith, Doepfer, Pittsburg Modular and Waldorf.

For the mixing Tasks I usually take hand of in-the-box solutions like Waves, Plugin Alliance and Fabfilter to give an example. If the time allows and the client asks I can go out from the digital world to the analog outboard equipment like Burl B1D pair of preamps, stereo EQ from Elysia and Mixbuss SSL style compression from TK Audio.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Terms Of Service

Will get results within 1 week. Urgent commisions will charge 70% more. 3 revisions to get you satisfied.

Gear Highlights
  • Moog Subphatty
  • Roland Juno 106
  • NordLead 2x
  • Access Virus TI2
  • Custom Modular System
  • Burl B1D preamps
  • Elysia Xfilter
  • TK audio compressor.
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