Experienced Recording & Mixing Engineer with experience working in studio with names such as Jeremih, Jazzy Pha, Ray J, Knotch, Adam Turchin, Maika Maile and much more. Music Publisher, Artist Developer, Studio Manager and Studio Designer.

Luis Moreno is a one of Los Angeles’s premiere audio engineer & top end mix engineers.

Having studied from highly acclaimed LA based recording school SAE, Luis is a master audio technician fully trained and familiarized on all systems: digital, analog, studio, live and anything in-between.

Luis has worked with artists & producers such as The Game, Jazzy Pha, Victor Wooten, Adam Turchin, Maika Maile, Knotch, Jeremih, Ray J, ETC!

Operating under his own business title, MidSide Sound has had become a powerful name in the industry that has grown to be highly trusted & acclaimed.

Luis has built his name and value on being both a gear guru and overall audio equipment expert having vast knowledge in acoustic instruments such as brass, woodwinds, strings, orchestral, percussion, live drums as well has worked & has experience in full orchestra settings, live jazz small group, hip hop vocals, voice over, rock band, as well every & any situation you can ever imagine!

Gear highlights

  • DDP Files
  • Custom Built Microphones
  • Demeter
  • Roland
  • AKG
  • Audio Technica
  • Orange
  • Bogner
  • Event
  • Radial
  • Shure
  • Senheisser
  • Universal Audio
  • Meinl
  • PorkPie
  • Gibson
  • MusicMan
  • Fender
  • JDK
  • WarmAudio
  • BLA
  • Manley
  • ART.

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

Must Be Credited on all projects hired to work on. Turn around within 5 Business Days. 3 Revisions Free. 50% Deposit before any and all services can begin or date be reserved.

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