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LIZI STUDIO – Your partner in music- and mediaproduction

The top modern studio with two reception rooms and a director has been true for professional productions for bands and industry partners.

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • ProTools HDX1
  • C24
  • Lynx Aurora 16
  • Antelope Isochrone OCX
  • ThermionicCulture The Phoenix
  • HCL SummingMixer
  • SH Vandergraph
  • TK-Lizer
  • Bricasti Designe System 1
  • HCL T-Eight
  • UA 2-610
  • GreatRiver MP-2NV
  • Neve 1073LB
  • Focusrite ISA
  • API 512c

Genres I specialize in

Tutorials by LIZI STUDIO

#06 lead vocal processing - delay, delay-verb (german)

how to processing lead vocals with delay and delay-verb

#05 lead vocal processing - eq, compression (german)

how to processing lead vocals with eq and compression tricks

#02 widen mono track with low/highcut (german)

make a mono track wider with low/highcut!

#04 widen mono track with reverb (german)

make a mono track wider with reverb!

#03 widen mono track with delay (german)

make a mono track wider with delay!

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