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Real Human Analog Mastering within 24 hours

As an artist, having your music Mastered is the most important step to ensuring its able to sound its absolute best while also being able to compete with all other music in todays music industry. After spending hours, days and even months recording and mixing your music, you want to make sure your hard work is not compromised by a bad Mastering job.

​To ensure you are getting a great Master, you need a combination of 3 things.

​1. A mastering engineer with a trained ear, who has years experience Mastering countless amounts of records.

​2. A professional acoustically treated room to achieve the highest sonically desired results.

​3. High end Mastering grade equipment, that includes a multiple monitoring setup, a Mastering grade A/D converter and Analog EQ's, Compressors and Limiter.

A1 Mastering provides all 3 for a fraction of the cost and can return your masters within 24 hours.

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