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Recording Studio

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Recording studio, run by Žiga Rezar and Jernej Kržič, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We offer 3 recording rooms, 2 control rooms and nice ambient for creating your music.

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Terms Of Service

Editing and mixing usually goes to ~5 revisions. Additional outboard can be arranged. Live sound price is engineering only, no equipment.

Gear Highlights
  • Studer 963 console
  • Neumann KH310A
  • Antelope Orion 32
  • UREI 1178
  • SSL4k BusComp clone
  • AKG C12 VR
  • WSW Dynamikbegränzer
  • Roland Tape Echo and DimensionD
  • ProTools/Logic/Reaper on a 12core MacPro
  • ...
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