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Professional live audio engineer for over 16 years, moving into the recording/mixing space. I am from the UK but live and work out of Mumbai India, (you can pay in rupees if you like)

I have been in the game for over 16 years, sometimes purely as an engineer, sometimes as the manager of a venue, sometimes as the director of a festival. But throughout all of those things, it is always the music that moves me.
From an early age I learned to read, write and play music, I am proficient on the bass guitar, piano, sax, tenor horn, trumpet and have even won a few medals as a vocalist! (that’s hard to believe to be honest, but true). Important to me is that I enjoy what I’m doing, I work with artists who’s music I love

Initially to mix the multitrack recordings that we can now easily get from the live gigs I have set up a mixing studio in Mumbai. I will spend ages tweaking the sounds and tracks, even though the tracking is usually not very pristine having come from a live stage.

I have now opened this studio and my skills up to mixing of tracks for others, I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to receive a set of pristinely recorded stems for a track, a far cry from the noisy ones i’m used to working with.

So send me your stems and lets get mixing!

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If you come to me through this site, I will give you a cuddle for free, and maybe a 10% discount. If I like your music.