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I am passionate about surround sound. Modern technology take listener into the whole new experiences... Sound engineer and supervisor with wide experience of recording and mixing music for different platforms. Concert recordings for home theater, live shows for TV, traditional studio recordings...

Born in 1972, Finland. I have made broad variety of real work. Including working at age of 16 for daily basis at paper mill UPM in Jämsänkoski. Kemira Chemicals also has been long time employer.

Musical career started in early teenage with drums. Performing live audiences started at age of 13. After several rudiment books, notation and prima-vista was implemented this young drummer´s skills.

Almost seven years after graduating from Tampere Polytechnic pulp and paper technology music came again. Two years of studying in Tampere Conservatory, studio technology courses mentored by Tipi Tuovinen gave new direction. Quite soon I took bigger studio projects as an engineer. First one was ”Tampere Big Band plays Late fortunes” –big band album made for graduating from audio masterclass.

2010-2011 studies of classical record production in Tampere University of Applied Sciences gave more skills about big orchestra score reading. One year study with composers Jouni Kaipainen, Juhani Nuorvala and conductor workshops with Hannu Lintu was really intensive time. I found myself more interested about classical music and how it sounds today...

Since 1999 I have done broad variety of recordings: highlights from Eppu Normaali´s (only million selling band in Finland) “Mutala”, Pure Audio Blu-ray and all their productions from long awaited upcoming after 10 years break in 2004.

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