Our Main Destination is to achieve and create such a unique Sounds & Musix which will last for ever.

The Philosophy of our name (LANDless Musix) is brightly Emphasizing that, our Musix won't limited to the earth, It'll come from the Universe.

Stay With us :)

. . . The World is magic Don't forget it . . .

A cooperation of three professional musicians

Mehrdad Ranjbar the founder of LANDless Musix. He is a freelancing Audio Engineer, Sound Designer and Producer. He is an Ableton Live expert with experience of Audio Production and a Bachelor’s in Music. He is famous for his atmospheric sound creations, which blow the listeners away to another dimension, and also his motivated intros are really striking.

Russel B. specializes in creating magical melodies which are very unique and ultra-soulful. His amazing melodies make your track stands out in today's big music market. He is Vocalist and songwriter and bachelors in music composition.

Joseph Galestin is an Armenian pianist and classical music composer. He is trained classical musician with strong background in strings, wood winds and brass instruments. His works has been confirmed and encouraged by well-known musicians like Christian Schulz, and Vartan Sahakian.

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