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Lot of passion and cool attitude flowing among electrons in this unique studio in south of Italy. Professional mindset, passional involvement in your projects, and lot of cross-genre musical experience at reasonable costs. We provide online Mixing&Mastering to the highest standards, Prod/Writing and Editing services, and welcome any visits

We have the people and skills to get your music sound the way you want. Whether your music needs a serious revision or fix, a dramatic style injection, or just the right Engineer's touch for a precision kind of work, we take all the efforts needed to create a real piece of craftsmanship, from the very first mix to the final master.
We've got cool outboards, some handbuilt/custom-made pieces, some true classics, but we believe good music is done by fine people. That is, we carefully choose our tools depending on the project, and we change our workflow to better represent the original Artist's intent and creative purpose.
GPA is not just about the place, the studio itself, which is a private facility tucked away in the countryside of Palermo - location that happens to be inspiring and wonderful for those looking for a production/writing kind of environment - but is firstly about the people, their attitude and well known professionalism.
So if you're looking for the best Quality/Price ratio ever, whether your wish is a fast online service or you're intrigued by the idea of coming to Italy, both to take a holyday/vacation here and work on your projects, we invite you to contact us and discuss your ideas and budgets.
-Also consider that, as a homage to the (just joined) Soundbetter community, we may offer "Test mixes" depending on our availability -restrictions may apply.

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Terms Of Service

You can get in touch at any time for a precise quotation. Prices vary for each project (number of tracks, etc)
Feel free to contact us directly here:

Gear Highlights
  • SSL
  • Neve
  • Genelec
  • Adam
  • Focusrite
  • ART
  • FMR
  • DBX
  • Handmade Gear
  • and more... but creativity is the trick.
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Limited time "test mix" offer - restrictions may apply (contact us)