What's the best way to promote my SoundBetter listing?

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To stand out from the crowd there are several things you can do:

1. Make your listing compelling, detailed, specific and honest.
-Use a good photo if you have one. People look before reading.
-Include prices in your specialties to appear in more search results.
-Don't list yourself in too many specialties or genres. It doesn't look professional.
-Offer a deal for SoundBetter clients.
-Verify your identity via facebook or linkedin.
-Import your credits from allmusic in your profile.
-Don't forget to publish your listing.

2. Go Premium.
Go Premium and get more visibility.
Learn more here.

3.Get positive verified reviews.
Verified reviews are from clients who paid you through SoundBetter.

5. Invite current and past clients to review you using the 'share' button on your listing.
Positive reviews increase your chances of getting business and allow you to charge a premium for your services. Statistics show people overwhelmingly trust peer reviews when choosing a service provider

6. Share your listing via email, social media and forums using the 'Share' button on your listing.
It's a great way to remind people about what you do.
Increasing traffic to your listing also helps it rank higher in search results and increases the likelihood of your listing being found by those searching for production services on search engines.