We bought SoundBetter back from Spotify

October 8 2021

This week, Itamar and I, the founders of SoundBetter, bought SoundBetter back from Spotify.

While ownership changed, SoundBetter will stay the platform you know and love, and will only improve and grow.

Since founding SoundBetter nearly a decade ago, the guiding principle driving our decisions has always been what will be best for you - the artists that use and benefit from SoundBetter. We created SoundBetter from a desire to help artists make great music, and pros earn a living doing what you love.

Hundreds-of-thousands of finished songs, success stories from all around the world, and over $50 million dollars delivered to artists later - a mind boggling number, we’re proud to have made a difference. We also have stronger conviction than ever that SoundBetter can do even more.

In recent months we realized together with Spotify that what would be best for you is for SoundBetter to return to being an independent, founder-led company. This will allow us to serve you better at this stage in the life of the platform.

We’re grateful to Spotify for investing in SoundBetter over the past two years, helping us grow the community, SoundBetter’s brand recognition and advance our mission. We’ve found exciting synergies with Spotify and we will continue to collaborate.

What this means for you is a continued commitment and investment from us. SoundBetter today is strong, and we’re committed to growing the platform to make it even better. In the coming weeks you’ll find improved discovery tools for clients and increased transparency on your performance and visibility, for starters.

Over the last few years, you shared with us how SoundBetter helped you gain more pride in your craft. How you were able to quit your day job, buy a car or move to the countryside thanks to money and freedom you earned through SoundBetter. We heard how helpful the new form of transparency, discovery and trust are. How you’re proud of the reviews you get, and how you enjoy writing them. How the gratitude and excitement from the artists you helped mean the world to you. How you’ve made new friends and collaborators through the platform. We’ve heard what SoundBetter means to you.

The stories you share with us motivate and inspire us to ensure SoundBetter reaches even more artists, gets better, and continues to add value. We’re going to do just that, and we feel privileged to have that opportunity. Nearly every single person working on SoundBetter is a musician, producer or engineer, so we take your experience, our mission and the responsibility personally. We’ll be working with you closely to improve the SoundBetter platform, product and community in the coming months and years.

Thanks for trusting us and for being part of this.