Producer & Session Musician - Jairo


Producer & Session Musician

I'm music producer and session musician specialized playing acoustic and electric guitars and Cuban Tres. I have lot experience producing worship songs and guitars. I've produced songs and albums for Generación 12, one of the biggest worship bands in Latin America, Generacion 12 Kids, Soulfire Revolution, achieving millions of streams on YouTube.

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Songwriter for rap, pop chorus - Icy


Songwriter for rap, pop chorus

*Notarized and pattented* A swig of" Kilimanjaro:" Stacks so high, they callin me Kilimanjaro, house so big, they thought i won the lotto, everytime i pitch a record they clap and say bravo! Rest in peace bitch cause i aint killin ya sorrow...

Remote Mixing + Production  - Eli



Los Angeles

Remote Mixing + Production

As an artist, you rely on facilitators like Producers and Mixing Engineers to bring your projects to life. There are so many talented facilitators out there - how do you find the right one for you? Hit Contact and send me a note about your project and we can make a game plan! In the mean time, check out my interview for a taste of what I am about.

Music Producer, Mixing - Dieorama

San Diego

Music Producer, Mixing

Hey, I have a home studio and I'm looking to help out artists who don't have a big budget. Since I don't have to pay for a studio, I can offer reasonable prices.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - DJ


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Working with top polish hip-hop artist: Quebonafide, Białas, Bedoes. More than 150 million views on songs mixed by me on YouTube.

Mixing Engineer, Mastering. - Daniel




Mixing Engineer, Mastering.

ESQ Audio, offering remote mixing and mastering from a variety of studios in the North-West of England.


Creating, Mix+Master, Produce - Ben


Creating, Mix+Master, Produce

Let's make some awesome music together. If you have an idea in your head, I want to help you make it into a reality.

Music Producer, Session Artist - Alex



Los Angeles

Music Producer, Session Artist

Good day everyone. My name is Alexander Aleynikov (aka Ezma Rey). I grew up around musicians family, and first I started with guitar, then got into drums, then into mixing and production, but never replacing one with another :) Check me out on spotify :)

Arranger, Mixer, Guitarist, - Archirecords


Arranger, Mixer, Guitarist,

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