Recording, Mixing, Mastering - 210

San Antonio

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

You put your hear and soul into your art; as a fellow musician, I'll do the same to get your creation through the final stage to getting your art to the masses! "Don't Just Hear Your Music....Feel it!"

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Music production & mixing - Jakob




Music production & mixing

Through communication and experimentation, my main goal is to fulfil your creative vision with my own personal touch!

Mix, tune and timing fixer - Daniel




Mix, tune and timing fixer

Adventure Man Studio - Mixing / Vocal Pitch Correction / Audio Restoration

Producer, Mixer & Remixer - Riley



Brisbane QLD

Producer, Mixer & Remixer

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter & Guitarist from Australia! Over a million-plus streams accredited to my name, with national radio play. Credits include Mirror Records, Sony Music, Lucky Number and more. With over 5 years of experience in the music industry and working with many artists over the years, I love all music and bringing the song to life!

Versatile Session Guitarist - Ian

Los Angeles

Versatile Session Guitarist

I'm a music producer, composer, educator & session guitar player based in Los Angeles. Currently performing & producing for LA based indie pop band called WALLA. The most recent guitar work I did was a feature film produced by Robert Rordriguez (Sin City, El Mariachi) called Phaedra.


Canvas Designer & Video Editor - walkerdunnvisuals


Canvas Designer & Video Editor

Surreal music based visual creator and canvas designer.

Vocalist, Session Guitarist - Hannah


Vocalist, Session Guitarist

#1 singles. Numerous top ten hits worldwide. >120 million YouTube views.

null - Didie

Rio de Janeiro

Sound Engineer graduated at UNESA on Recording Technics nd Phonographic Production in 2006 and with more than 12 yrs of experience. Worked as a FOH and Monitor engineer for many big acts of Brazil. Lived 4 years in NYC working with Bebel Gilberto. In her 4th album -All In One- was nominated as Exec. Producer & Rec. Engineer by the academy in 2010


null - Jason


Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Live Sound, Beat Maker, and Musician for Hire

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