Tropical / Dancehall Surround 5.1 Mixing

Producer-Mixer-DolbyAtmosMusic - Derek Brin

Multi-Platinum, Award-winning Music Producer, Engineer, Post Production Sound Editor/Mixer - 5.1 and Dolby Atmos

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Glen J. George

Passionate mixning and mastering engineer, motivated personable professional, with a comprehensive understanding of various music genres with a strong background and specialized experience in Soca/Calypso, Reggae, Dancehall, Trap, R&B, Hip hip/Drill, Afrobeats/Afropop, House, Electro, EDM and Alternative. Guarantee client satisfaction always.

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Recording | Mixing | Mastering - BARBEQ-Sound, Reinhold Binder

Hi, my name is Reinhold Binder, I am a audioengineer with over 20 years of experience in soundproduction. I started my career in a famous studio in munich and work together with a lot of great german artists, musicians and voicetalents. I built up my own studio, always looking for cool people and great projects belonging to "world of sound".

Mixing Engineer - KyleKhaos

I'm willing to take the time to get your music as far as YOU want to take it.10 years of experience, I can really give you insight on what's going on inside the sound of the industry.

Music Producer - Sergey Suokas

Music for TV, films, games and advertisings.

singer, songwriter, director - Nilusi

I was a member of the the band Kids United with Warner Music. Our discography has more than 2,5 million physical sales and we did a worldwide Tour. I produce my projects under my own music label © GLEAM RECORDS in Paris, created in 2018. Working with the best professionals in the industry, I’d love to collaborate with some new artists !

Analog Mixing & Mastering - Fidelfo Lozano III

Mixing and mastering engineer with lots of top rock, pop and electronic artists.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Mr. Engineer

Mix & Master Your Music for 20$! Free Sample! Autotune & High End Plugins! (Mix-15$ - Master10$)

Singer Songwriter Guitarist - Ben Bateman

I am a touring singer songwriter specializing in pop songwriting with sync placements on 2 of my original songs in feature films in 2022. I play guitar, and excel with hooks and general melody writing.

Music Production, Mix-Master - Seshaan Sharma

If you want your music to convey your feelings to the world, no better option than Seshaan.

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