Jazz Surround 5.1 Mixing

Recording Studio + Mixing Room - Digital Lake Studio S.r.l.

Top Italian recording & Mixing Facility Remote recording with top Italian Session man, producers, arrangers Remote mixing with SSL 4048 G+ console, top outboard gear and first of all top Italian Sound Engineers Film, Short Films, Documentary 5.1 Mixing Room ITU775 Dolby Certified

Composing and Mixing services - It's Just Kevin

It's just me here

Sound engineer,Immersive Mixer - Pierre-Charles BIGUET

I can record any kind of music. I can mix your song in all Immersive formats !

Mixing, Editing, Mastering - Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I have done mixing and mastering for several feature films and 5.1 surround mixing for several movies. I have 25 years of experience and have worked in Ramoji Film City for 7 years as music and mastering chief.

Sound Post Production - SOUNDDESIGN.HU

Established in 2009, Böhm Sound is one of Budapest’s leading audio-post companies.

Mix & Mastering Classical&Jazz - Francesco Montrone


Mix and Mastering classical, jazz, ambient and all genres of acoustic music - and Dolby ATMOS

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jake Urquhart

Now seeking new clients for remote mastering. Quick, high quality, affordable. Direct message for sample tracks.

Remote Editing, Mixing - Stratsimir Dimitrov

Professional experience in recording, editing, mixing, mastering, programing MIDI, live sound engineering and live recording.

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