Country Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

5.1 Mixing, Sound Design, NR - Danny


5.1 Mixing, Sound Design, NR

Experienced Pro Sound for Music, Film and TV. Sound Design, Dialog Editor, Re-Recording Mixer for 5.1 Surround and I'm an Expert in Noise Reduction

Remote Audio post and Mixer - Marcelo

São Paulo

Remote Audio post and Mixer

Brazilian Audio post and mixer.

Audio Mix, Master & Live sound - Francisco

Mexico City

Audio Mix, Master & Live sound

I worked as a live sound engineer, sound system engineer and mixing for theater, musical plays, concerts and music recordings.


Remote Mixing and Mastering - JCAudio


Remote Mixing and Mastering

I'm here to help everyone achieve the best Sounding Track or Album.


Mixing Engineer - Remote - Johnny


Mixing Engineer - Remote

Mixing Engineer & Latin Grammy Nominee with over 20 years in the industry.


Topliner, Songwriter, Producer - Rich


Topliner, Songwriter, Producer

I'm a country/americana/pop singer and currently busy releasing my own songs. I'm always looking for cool opportunities! If you think my voice would suit an instrumental you have laying on the shelf or if you wrote a cool song, don't hesitate to hit me up! I'm also available as producer for pop, EDM & house.

Music Producer; vocal tuning; - Rod


Music Producer; vocal tuning;

Let me do your Vocal Tuning !


Remote mixing and mastering - MDS


Remote mixing and mastering

We specialize in multi-instrumental performance, sound engineering, design, mixing and mastering out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to make the sound quality of your music exceed you expectations, and catch the attention of industry pros.


Song Writer,Producer,Arranger - James

United Kingdom

Song Writer,Producer,Arranger

Specialising in taking musical ideas to the next level.

Music Producer | Beat Maker - Maxim


Music Producer | Beat Maker

Seeking songwriters and vocalists to collaborate and make music magic. If you're interested in creation an indie music project - feel free to contact me. I'm open for any ideas, let's talk.


Session Guitar, Audio Engineer - Jeff


Session Guitar, Audio Engineer

Session guitar player as well as an educated and credited Audio Engineer for Film and Visual Media. Jeff has played live for many artists in the Country and Pop Genres as well as done live sound, Sound for Film and even Studio design. A one stop shop for your band or films needs.


Producer/Mix Engineer - Kate


Producer/Mix Engineer

Need a full band track built for a song that you believe in? Have a vocal track that just lacks that “wow-factor”? Today's radio-ready sound requires a lot of behind-the-scenes processing, and if you want your song to compete you need to work with someone who knows ALL the tricks.

Drum Tracks, Mixing,Producing - Peter


Drum Tracks, Mixing,Producing

I'm a life long drummer, mix engineer, music producer finding my own way through this crazy music biz working out of Nashville ,Tn since 1991. I provide drum tracks, produce and mix recordings for songwriters , producers , publishing co's and music productions companies in Nashville and from around the globe .

Drum Tracks, Editing, Tuning - Daniel


Drum Tracks, Editing, Tuning

Solely focused on helping the artist/producer achieve the vision of their song. I record live drum takes and will edit and process them to fit your specific needs. Need percussion? I got you. Need programmed drum elements? I got you. Need someone who will invest in your success? I got you.

Mixing, Drums, Film Scoring    - Joe


Mixing, Drums, Film Scoring

My name is Joe Ketterer. I am an audio engineer with connections in the DC Metro area as well as the Greater Philly area. I will do everything I can to give you an awesome product. I have a Bachelors Degree in Music ed and Applied Percussion from West Chester University of PA, and an MA in Audio Technology from American University (Sp 2016).

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