Trance Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Gianfranco


Music Producer, Remote Mixing

Electronic Music Producer, ghost producer and remixer. A few tracks in popular compilations.


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Songwriter, Vocalist, Topliner - Andrew


Songwriter, Vocalist, Topliner

Signed singer-songwriter


Audio Composer/Producer - Fidelity


Audio Composer/Producer

We are offering audio service on demand. High creativity, full service.All phases of audio production are covered including solid analog or digital mastering. In most cases no additional costs needed.


Mixing & Mastering - Luc


Mixing & Mastering

I do my job well. That's all.


Beat Maker : Trap / Hip Hop - B.Co

Los Angeles

Beat Maker : Trap / Hip Hop

My goal is to help others with creating the beat that has been lingering in their head into reality. With this I am looking for tracks of your ideas to help attract an audience of wide variety.

Mixing and Mastering - Dinusha.R


Mixing and Mastering

Love to work with creative people everyday to release amazing records


Am an artist - Tolah


Am an artist

Last year December hope you remember? When I was knocking at your door asking for number.. Girl we fell in love like never before Everybody start to feel our love. Now I don’t understand you anymore ,tell me why you treat me so bad,tell me why you cheat on me baby tell are fucking another man. No goodbye baby woju mi kosoro shey u still want?


Composer + Producer - Jeremy


Composer + Producer

Based in London, with my own studio, the Holloway Music Beach, just off Holloway Road, N7. I can produce, record, mix, master songs for you there. Previous highlights include BBC6, Radio France, Les Inrocks, and many more. Come say 'Hi' if you're in town, or email me your songs to mix or master.


Music Producer & Bassist - Raepa

Papua New Guinea

Music Producer & Bassist

I am a fresh Christian Music Producer and Lyricist in the music scene based in Papua New Guinea and want to Help 'upcoming' Christian Music Artists around world make your best track that's 'radio ready'

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