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Music Mastering & Production - sEQuel Sounds

sEQuel Sounds focuses on pushing music forward. We achieve a dynamic sound with the use of both analog and digital gear to highlight the hidden details within the music. Mainly focused on hip hop and electronic-based genres, our services are diverse and perfect for taking your music to new levels. We serve artists that want to make bold statements.

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Foundation is my job.  - Steve Cook

Hello everyone! I want to help you make your project a reality. You'll get great bass tracks in a timely manner, and I'll get to be part of your journey. Win/win.

Music Producer - Merlin Burgos

Musician, bassist, producer, audio engineer and professional educator able and willing to complete any task at hand. Good leader, organized, with excellent communication skills.

sound engineer  - Silent Eco

First of all let's have fun while I put the grooves on. so come down to hang out lay your music down and have fun you

Am a pro song writer - Mickybzz

A young black rap and rnb song writer mixed with icing of afrobeats it's a same genre shit but diff style

Remote Mixing Engineer - Isaac - Corner Room Production


You've taken the time to have your songs recorded. You've put your heart and soul into them. You deserve to have them mixed to perfection.

remote mixing and mastering - Egor 'Oilcake' Riazantcev

I love complex live projects with a lot of tracks and usually draw a lot of automation instead of using compressors or other automatic processors to keep sound natural and alive. I am the guy to dig in details and make most complicated arrangements shine.

Songwriter - Alejandro Quintal

My most impressive accomplishment is that my most vulnerable songs were written in less than 30 minutes. You can directly ask for one of my works and decide if you wanna work with me.

Hip Hop Music Producer - Jay Elleven

Creator of unique Hip Hop, RnB, Electronic & Soundtrack instrumentals. Over time, I have scored independent movies and am currently working on the release of two albums I have solely produced for other artists.

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